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List of Full Form Technologies and More



List of Full Form

List of Full forms for Technological Things, Computer parts and many more. Here you will know A to Z Shot form Stands for.

Some List of Full Form for Technological Things:

A Full Form:

  1. ALU Stands for Arithmetic Logic Unit.
  2. AM and PM Stands for AM: Ante Meridiem, PM: Post Meridiem
  3. AJAX Stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  4. API Stands for Application Programming Interface
  5. APK Stands for Android Application Package

B Full Form:

  1. BIOS Stands for Basic Input-Output System.

C Full Form:

  1. CAD Stands for  Computer-Aided Design.
  2. CD Stands for Compact Disk.
  3. CAM Stands for Computer-Aided Manufacturing.
  4. COVID 19 Stands for Corona Virus disease of 2019.
  5. CGI Stands for Computer Generated Imagery.

D Full Form:

  1. DOC Stands for Disc Operating System.
  2. DTS Stands for  Desk Top System
  3. DPT Stands for Desk Top Publishing
  4. DTH Stands for Direct to Home
  5. DVD Stands for Digital Video Disc

E Full Form:

  1. E-mail Stands for Electronic Mail.
  2. E-Commerce Stands for Electronic Commerce.
  3. ENIAC Stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator.
  4. EMI Stands for Equated Monthly Installment.
  5. ECG Stands for Electrocardiogram

F Full Form:

  1. FAX Stands for Fascimile Automated Xerox.
  2. FORTRAN Stands for Formula Translation.
  3. FM Stands for Frequency Modulation.
  4. FDIStands for Foreign Direct Investment.
  5. FTP Stands for File Transfer Protocol

G Full Form:

  1. GAIS Stands for Gateway Internet Access Service.
  2. GST Stands for  Goods and Service Tax.
  3. GUI Stands for Graphical User Interface.
  4. GOOGLE Stands for Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth.
  5. GMT Stands for Greenwich Mean Time.

H Full Form:

  1. HD Stands for High Definition.
  2. HTTP Stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.
  3. HTML Stands for HyperText Markup Language.
  4. HLL Stands for High-Level Language.
  5. HDMI Stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface.

I Full Form:

  1. IC Stands for Integrated Circuit.
  2. ID Stands for Identity Document.
  3. IP Stands for Internet Protocol.
  4. IT Stands for Information Technology.
  5. ISP Stands for Internet Service Provider.

J Full Form:

  1. JPG Stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.
  2. JEE Stands for Joint Entrance Examination.

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K Full Form:

  1. KYC Stands for Know Your Customer.
  2. KB Stands for kilobyte.
  3. KPI Stands for Key Performance Indicator.

L Full Form:

  1. LLL Stands for Low-Level Language.
  2. LCD Stands for Liquid Crystal Display.
  3. LTE Stands for Long Term Evolution.
  4. LED Stands for Light Emitting Diode.
  5. LASER Stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

M Full Form:

  1. MAN Stands for Metropolitan Area Network.
  2. MICR Stands for Magnetic Link Character Recognition/Reader.
  3. MPU Stands for Micro Processor Unit.
  4. MRO Stands for Mars Recconnaissance Orbiter.
  5. MAC Stands for Media Access Control Address.

N Full Form:

  1. NICNET Stands for National Information Centre Network.
  2. NIC Stands for National Informatics Centre.
  3. NAC Stands for Network Access Control.
  4. NTPC Stands for National Thermal Power Corporation.

O Full Form:

  1. OTP Stands for One-time Password.
  2. OK Stands for Olla Kalla or Oll Korrect.
  3. OEM Stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.
  4. OMR Stands for Optical Mark Reader.

P Full Form:

  1. PSTN Stands for Public Switched Telephone Networks.
  2. PSPDN Stands for Packet Switched Public Data Network.
  3. PROM Stands for Programmable Read-Only Memory.
  4. PNG Stands for Portable Network Graphics.
  5. PHP Stands for Hypertext Preprocessor

Q Full Form:

  1. QR Code Stands for Quick Response Code.

R Full Form:

  1. ROM Stands for Read-Only Memory.
  2. RAM Stands for Random Access Memory.
  3. RTGS Stands for Real-Time Gross Settlement.
  4. RAW Stands for Research And Analysis Wing.

S Full Form:

  1. SMS Stands for Short Message Service.
  2. SIM Stands for Subscriber Identity Module.
  3. SSD Stands for Solid State Drive.
  4. SSL Stands for Secure Sockets Layer.
  5. SDK Stands for Software Development Kit.

T Full Form:

  1. TRP Stands for Television Rating Point.
  2. TCP Stands for Transmission Control Protocol.
  3. TAT Stands for Turn Around Time.

U Full Form:

  1. UPS Stands for Uninterruptable Power Supply.
  2. USB Stands for Universal Serial Bus.
  3. UPI Stands for Unified Payment Interface.
  4. USSD Stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.
  5. URL Stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

V Full Form:

  1. VGA Stands for Video Graphics Array.
  2. VFX Stands for Visual Effects.
  3. VPI Stands for Virtual Path Identifier.
  4. VDU Stands for Visual Display Unit.
  5. VIRUS Stands for Vital Information Resources Under Seize.

W Full Form:

  1. WWW Stands for World Wide Web.
  2. WIFI Stands for Wireless Fidelity.
  3. WPA Stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access.
  4. Windows Stands for Wide Interactive network development for Office Work Solution.

X Full Form:

  1. XML Stands for Extensible Markup Language.
  2. Xray Stands for X Radiation.

Y Full Form:

  1. Yahoo Stands for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

I hope, that I have given you about full form for some shot form of Technological things from this article. If you like this article, you can share and comment. So that we too have a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.

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