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What is LAN,MAN,WAN? Full form of LAN,MAN,WAN



What is LAN, MAN, WAN

LAN, MAN, WAN all are types of Networks, Different networks use in different Areas. In this article, You will know about the Type of Networks: What is LAN, MAN, WAN and also full of LAN, MAN, WAN

What is Network?

A network is a collection of devices connected to each other for sharing its hardware and software. So, these resources and to communicate with each other like MTNL telephone networks, computer networks, etc. In computing, the network architecture is a characteristic of a computer network.

Advantage of Networking:

  • Resource Sharing:

The network enables users to share the file with others. So, We can use only a printer and a single Hard Disk space on all of the computers connected with networking.

  • Communication:

One can communicate with any other person which also has a computer on the same network.

  • Reliability:

In networking, communication is more reliable and accurate. So, Here is the chance of massage losing or changing.

Disadvantages of Networking:

  • Good administration of networking is required. However, the user should be well known about networking basics.
  • If the connecting cable or any networking device fails, it affects the total network.
  • The initial cost of networking is too high because we need various devices.

Type of Networks:

  • What is LAN?

LAN Full Form: Local Area Network

A Local Area Network(LAN) is a computer network that provides a small physical area, As a home, office, or small group of buildings, such as a school, or an airport. Current wired LANs are trios likely to be based on Ethernet technology. Here Connecting media is co-axial, twisted pair cable, etc. LAN provides higher data rates as compared to WAN. However, It can be connected by WAN like the internet with the Help of interconnecting devices Like Router.

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Example of LAN

  • What is MAN?

MAN Full Form: Metropolitan Area Network

It is the enhancement of LAN and can cover multiple localities or a complete city (50 km approx). Here communication media is cable media, telephone lines, etc. So, the Example: MTNL, Telephone network, or cable T.V network. A campus area network is a form of Metropolitan Area Network which is made up of an interconnection of the local area networks. That’s a limited geographical area. However, A campus area network is larger than a local network but smaller than a wide area network(WAN).

The main aim of a campus area network is to facilitate students accessing the internet and university resources. So, this is a network that connects two or more LAN. However, that is limited to a specific and contiguous geographical area such as a college campus, industrial complex, office building, or a military base. Routers, switches, and hubs connected to create a metropolitan area network.

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  • What is WAN?

WAN Full Form: Wide Area Network

This network can support a complete city, a complete country, a particular geographical region, or Even a Complete world and different plans. However, there is no geographical distance limitation in this network.

Example: Internet, Railway Reservation system, Bank Network, etc. So, the Internet is the Largest WAN which rovers millions of organizations and individuals.

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WAN Full form

This kind of network like LAN, WAN, MAN  helps provide the Internet to us.

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