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What is Chipset in Motherboard, North and South Bridge.



What is chipset in Mortherboard

Chipset is one of the main parts of the Motherboard. In this article, I will explain What is Chipset in Motherboard and,  What is North and South Bridge is in Computer.

What is Chipset in Motherboard?

We now know that the chipset handles an incredible amount of data, it’s important to see which chipsets are performing the best. Firstly to choose a chipset that supports your CPU. You obviously can not have a chipset designed for an Intel CPU if you’re using an Athlon XP. Then the best way to see which chipsets are performing the best is to look at benchmarks on various sites.

A slow chipset can be as damaging to your system’s overall speed as a slow CPU or slow memory. If you have a poor-performing chipset, then any time that your computer is sending and receiving data from the graphics card or main memory, the system is struggling.

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  • What Chipset does in Motherboard

We have all heard about the latest chipsets from Intel, VIA, Nvidia, and more and how much better they are. But what does the chipset actually do on the motherboard? We know what the CPU does, we know too much about the chipset. Hopefully, we can shed a little light on the Working of the Chipset and why they differ from one chipset to the next.

What is the North and Southbridge in the computer?

The Chipset consists of two major microchips which are the Northbridge and SouthBridge. The North Bridge Handles data for the AGP port and the main memory which includes the FSB(Front side bus).

Although bost chips are required for the PC to work the North Bridge handles most of the very important tasks such as the connection between the CPU and main memory. The South  Bridge handles data from the PCI can also have integrated components such as Audio Codec’s etc.

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  • Catch the Bus

The Function of a chipset is to manage data throughput. All data that your components require or acquire need to be transported. They are transported by what’s known as a bus. The bus carry’s the data to where it needs to go via the chipset. Today’s CPU has the cache memory “on-chip” and so there is no need to go through the chipset.

The memory bus speed is on a different bus and this speed can be changed independently. All buses go through the chipset to get directions for where it needs to take the data. Because of the amount of data that goes through the chipset, the chipset must be up to speed.

I hope you get the all information about Chipset in Motherboard, North and South Bridge. If you like this article, you can share and comment. So that we too have a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.🙂

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