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What is IFSC code: Full form of IFSC, How to Find



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If you transection money online, Definitely you need an IFSC Code for various types of online Transection. In this article, I explain What is IFSC Code, How does Code mean and required, and How to find your IFS Code.

What is IFSC code?

IFSC Code stands for Indian Finance system code. Every Bank Branch has a unique code for their customer.RBI( Reserve Bank of India) Provides this Code for every Bank branch. This Code has 11 characters, By the Ifsc code RBI can easily find any Branch in India easily. This helps to transfer money online like RTGS, NEFT, etc.

How does IFSC Code mean and required:

This code has 11 Digits. The code has eleven characters “Alpha Numeric” in nature. The first 4 digits indicate the name of the Bank. but, the 5th character is 0 (zero) and reserved for future use, and the last 6 digits are called Branch Code, which means branch location. This Code used for Electronic Payment, This code provides various online money transfer options Like RTGS, NEFT, and CFMS.

You cannot transfer money to India without this code because you will be unable to specify where the account you are sending money to is located.
This code help’s the specific banking branch where your money is being sent. Similarly, When someone sends money to you, this code is necessary for that case. But If you use UPI Tranjection you don’t need this Code.

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How to find your IFSC Code:

Three-ways to find your IFSC Code.

  1. From Your PassBook
  2. From your Checkbook
  3.  Website.
  • Your PassBook

This is the most common way to find out the Code. When you open a bank account, Bank gives you a passbook. On the front page of your passbook, you can see your personal details like account number, address, branch code, Account Holder name, etc. There you can See your Branch IFS Code.

bank passbook ifsc

  • Your Checkbook

If you have Check Book, So In this way you can find the Code. In the Check Book, You can see your Bank Name, Branch Name, Account Number, Account Holder Name, this Code, MICR number Etc. There You can easily find Code Number.

IFSC CODE Check book


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what is FDDI network, ATM Explain| Full form FDDI, ATM




What is ATM with Explain. Full-Form of ATM
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FDDI and ATM both are part of the Network Operating System. Here in this article, You know about What is FDDI Network is, What is ATM with Explanation. Full-Form of FDDI, ATM.

What is FDDI Network Explanation

  • Full-Form of FDDI: Fiber Distributed Data Interface.

FDDI is a network protocol. Which is used primarily to interconnect two or more local area networks, often over large distances. The access method used by FDDI involves token-passing. FDDI uses a dual-ring physical topology. Transmission normally occurs on one of the rings; however, if a break occurs. So, the system keeps information moving by automatically using portions of the second ring to create a new complete ring. A major advantage of FDDI is Speed. It Operates over fiber optic cable at 100 Mbps.

What is FDDI network|FDDI full form


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What is ATM Explanation

  • Full-Form of ATM: Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

ATM is a network protocol that transmits data at a speed of 155 Mbps and higher. It’s working by transmitting all data in small packets of a fixed size; Whereas, other protocols transfer variable-length packets. Asynchronous Transfer Mode supports a variety of media such as video, CD-quality audio, and imaging. ATM employs a star topology, which can work with fiber optic as well as twisted pair cable.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode is most often used to interconnect two or more local area networks. It is also frequently used by Internet Service providers to utilize speed access to the Internet for their clients. However, as ATM technology becomes more cost-effective, it will provide another solution for constructing faster local area networks.

What is ATM with Explain. Full-Form of  ATM

I hope, you get the information about FDDI and Asynchronous Transfer Mode(ATM). If you like this article, you can share and comment. So that we too have a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.

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What is VPN connection for PC, Mobile? How VPN works




what is VPN connection for pc
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In this article, I explain what is VPN and how VPN works, for example, the Advantages, disadvantages of a VPN. Internet usage and users are increasing day by day around the world. In we do many things, such as social media surfing, downloading movie and videos, online transactions, and more. when you doing this thing your personal data store on the internet. And someone can steal your data like Hackers. Now data is Everything.

What is VPN Connection for PC, Mobile?

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network, which this a network technology software that creates a secure connection in public networks such as the internet and private networks such as Wi-Fi. Virtual Private Network keeps our data completely safe while browsing the Internet. VPN protects our identity and keeps it private. VPN is the way to protect your information, it helps you hide your local IP and protect you from stealing your information.

The VPN protects all kinds of data that is necessary and not necessary. People who use the internet to do browsing can also use VPN service through VPN application on their phone or computer.

If something(website, app, software, etc) on the Internet is blocked for your country. But wants access, you can use VPN to access this website. So, you need to choose another country where it’s available and connect to that country and enjoy.

what is VPN connection for pc

For Example, PUBG Mobile is Ban or Block in India, But you want to play this game. You connect the VPN to the other country where it’s available and you can play this game.

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How does VPN Work:

When we connect our mobile or computer network with VPN. that time our network works as a Local Network or Local IP. But when you use a VPN, to doing anything on the Internet, your request is redirected from your local server or IP to another country server or IP. VPN network becomes a connection that remains encrypted, which means someone You can’t even steal personal detail from that network, and then you can access the website through that VPN.

  • Advantages of VPN:

  1. VPN helps you to access the Internet safely in a public connection.
  2. It gives protection when transacting online.
  3. You access the Internet Anonymously and surfing Block content.
  • Disadvantages of VPN:

  1. Most VPN providers aren’t free. You need to pay for use.
  2. Sometimes VPN setup is complex.

Some Best Vpn Software for Computer:

You can see many VPN Software available on the Internet, it’s difficult to choose the right Vpn. So, here I prepared a list of paid and free best VPN software for computers. which you can use for your personal use.

  1. CyberGhost.
  2.  Hotspot Shield.
  3. Open VPN
  4. Total VPN.
  5.  Browsec VPN extensions.

Some Best Vpn Software for Mobile:

Here I prepared a list of paid and free best VPN software for Smartphones. which you can use for your personal use.

  1. Express VPN
  2. Nord VPN
  3. Thunder VPN
  4. Turbo VPN.
  5. Secure VPN.

I hope you got Information about VPN from this article. If you like the article please comment below 🙂

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What is LAN,MAN,WAN? Full form of LAN,MAN,WAN




What is LAN, MAN, WAN
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LAN, MAN, WAN all are types of Networks, Different networks use in different Areas. In this article, You will know about the Type of Networks: What is LAN, MAN, WAN and also full of LAN, MAN, WAN

What is Network?

A network is a collection of devices connected to each other for sharing its hardware and software. So, these resources and to communicate with each other like MTNL telephone networks, computer networks, etc. In computing, the network architecture is a characteristic of a computer network.

Advantage of Networking:

  • Resource Sharing:

The network enables users to share the file with others. So, We can use only a printer and a single Hard Disk space on all of the computers connected with networking.

  • Communication:

One can communicate with any other person which also has a computer on the same network.

  • Reliability:

In networking, communication is more reliable and accurate. So, Here is the chance of massage losing or changing.

Disadvantages of Networking:

  • Good administration of networking is required. However, the user should be well known about networking basics.
  • If the connecting cable or any networking device fails, it affects the total network.
  • The initial cost of networking is too high because we need various devices.

Type of Networks:

  • What is LAN?

LAN Full Form: Local Area Network

A Local Area Network(LAN) is a computer network that provides a small physical area, As a home, office, or small group of buildings, such as a school, or an airport. Current wired LANs are trios likely to be based on Ethernet technology. Here Connecting media is co-axial, twisted pair cable, etc. LAN provides higher data rates as compared to WAN. However, It can be connected by WAN like the internet with the Help of interconnecting devices Like Router.

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Example of LAN

  • What is MAN?

MAN Full Form: Metropolitan Area Network

It is the enhancement of LAN and can cover multiple localities or a complete city (50 km approx). Here communication media is cable media, telephone lines, etc. So, the Example: MTNL, Telephone network, or cable T.V network. A campus area network is a form of Metropolitan Area Network which is made up of an interconnection of the local area networks. That’s a limited geographical area. However, A campus area network is larger than a local network but smaller than a wide area network(WAN).

The main aim of a campus area network is to facilitate students accessing the internet and university resources. So, this is a network that connects two or more LAN. However, that is limited to a specific and contiguous geographical area such as a college campus, industrial complex, office building, or a military base. Routers, switches, and hubs connected to create a metropolitan area network.

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  • What is WAN?

WAN Full Form: Wide Area Network

This network can support a complete city, a complete country, a particular geographical region, or Even a Complete world and different plans. However, there is no geographical distance limitation in this network.

Example: Internet, Railway Reservation system, Bank Network, etc. So, the Internet is the Largest WAN which rovers millions of organizations and individuals.

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WAN Full form

This kind of network like LAN, WAN, MAN  helps provide the Internet to us.

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