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What is FTP Protocol in Computer, FTP Servers, FTP Clients



What is FTP Protocol in Computer

FTP Protocol in Computer, the most popular download protocol on the internet to the computer. In This Article, I will explain what is FTP Protocol in Computer, What is FTP Server, and What is FTP Client.

What is FTP Protocol?

One of the most popular uses of the Internet is to download files from a computer. File Transfer Protocol(FTP) is a protocol that is widely used for exchanging files over the internet. It uses a client-server system in which files are stored at the central computer and transfer to that computer to other computers. The Central computer runs software called File Transfer Protocol server. Other computer runs software called File FTP Clients or FTP program. Using File Transfer Protocol, Clients request a server to file transfer. Thus the Client and server exchange the data.

FTP is an interactive system. The FTP client that comes with Windows NT is the character base client means it supports only textual documents for transfer. Numerous FTP servers all over the world allow users to download files.

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What is FTP Server?

Many organizations use  FTP servers to handle the distribution of files. When a user likes to download something, the links actually redirects to FTP instead of HTTP. Some files in the FTP server may be accessible to the general public while others are accessible to authenticate users. FTP servers can be of two types:

  • Anonymous Servers

FTP sites that allow anonymous FTP does not require any authentication code like password etc. Here we only have to log in using a valid e-mail address as a password. This is the recent version of FTP.

  • Non-Anonymous Servers

Most of the early FTP servers use the password(authentication) for accessing the server. Here only authenticate persons which have the password can access FTP servers. These servers are nonAnonymous Servers.

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What is FTP Client?

FTP runs on a client-server model. for using FTP you must have an FTP client software to run on your PC. This FTP client software interacts with the FTP server for accessing various files on the FTP server. FTP uses TCP to handle communication and creates a session between the computer and the server. This link is used to sending commands to the server from your computer and sending information back server to the computer.


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