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Explain What is a URL Link? Types of URLS



what is a url

URLs are a mean thing for any website because of their use as a website address. In this article, I will explain What is URL link and How many types of URLs are.

What is a URL link?

URL(Uniform Resource Locator) is a Uniform way to locate a resource on the internet. The URL Specifies the address of a file and every file on the internet has a unique address. Web software, such as your browser, uses the URL to retrieve a file from the computer on which it resides. To identify a web page on the Internet we use its URL. URL depicts the page located on the internet. The actual URL is a set of four numbers separated by periods.

An Example of this would be but as these are difficult for us to use, addresses are represented in an Alphanumeric form that is more descriptive and easy to remember. Thus, the URL of a website is can also write as The Internet Domain Name ‘System translates the Alphanumerical address to numeric.

Thus URL contains the information need by the browser to retrieve the page on the Internet.

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  • Types of URLs

Absolute URL: It contains all the information, necessary to identify documents on the internet.


Relative URL: It contains only the folder name and file name. we can use the URLs When we are pointed to a file that is located within the same folder or on the same server as the Originating file.

Example: computer/abc.html.

I hope you get the all information about What is URLs Link, the Types of URLs. If you like this article, you can share and comment. So that we too have a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.🙂

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