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What is Fastag in India: Mandatory?, Type of Fastag



What is Fastag in India

Fastag is one of the Good steps to be a Modern India, by the Government. In this article, I explain what is Fastag, How to use Fastag, how to get it, the Advantages and Disadvantages,s and the Type of Fastag.

What is Fastag in India?

Fastag is a system which is used for detect money from vehicle user. This card helps you to reduce the car Line in toll plazas. In the Fastag, You need to recharge or link to your bank account at first, like your sim card and metro card, etc. From 16 fab 2021, Fastag is Mandatory for all 2 to more axle Vehicle users. Now, the total Fastag user is more than 2 cr in February 2021 and govt earns more than 80cr/day from Fastag. This revenue collects by the national electronic toll collection(NETC).


  • How to use Fastag:

You need to place a Fastag card on your car windshield.  However, Fastag works using RFID technology(Radio-frequency identification). This technology has mainly two devices.

  1. Passive RFID(Fastag)
  2. ActiveRfid(Scanner)
how to use Fastag


However, when your car will pass from the toll plaza it will detect by the scanner and your money will debit automatically.

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Note: If you don’t have money in your Fastag your Toll plaza gate(Boom Barrier)will not open. Then you need to pay manually.

  • How to get Fastag:

There are many government banks in India, through which you can take Fastag or you can also take Fastag by visiting toll plaza. You can even use online sites like Paytm and amazon to get Fastag.

  • To apply Fastag you will need the following documents:
  1. Customer’s vehicle registration certificate
  2. Passport size photo of the vehicle owner
  3. Vehicle Owner’s address proof

Fastag Advantage:

  1. Fastag saves your time, fuel, pollution.
  2. You can save money using Fastag.
  3. you can track location using  Fastag.
  4. Corruption will be less because man(toll collector)power will less.

Fastag Disadvantage:

  1. Technical Problem in the scanner.
  2. Overheat Fastag in summer.
  3. Double charge if you don’t have Fastag.
  4. Cloning and privacy.

Type of Fastag:

Fastag are two types one is M-type and another is N-type.

  • M-type tag use for Private cars. This tag color is Violet

What is fastag in india

N-type Tag is 6 Type

  • Orange Tag = For commercial(Pick up truck, Loader) use.
  • Green Tag = For Havi Loaded but 2 car axle vehicle. 
  • Yellow Tag = For Truck, 3axle, or 6 wheels vehicle.
  • Pink Tag = For 4,5,6 car axle vehicle.
  • Sky Blue Tag = For 7 or more than 7 car axle vehicle.
  • Black Tag = For Machine vehicle(JCB).

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