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Classification of computers by type and size with Example



Classification of computers by typewith details

All around us, we see different kinds of computers. Like Desktop, Laptop, Server Computer, etc. In this article, i Explain  Classifications of computers by type and size.

The computer can be classified into two categories:

  • According to Type

  • According to size

Classification according to Type

  • Analog Computers

In this Classification of computers by type and size, These Computers recognize data as continuous measurement of a physical property. Their output is usually in the form of readings on dials or graphs. Voltage, pressure, speed, and temperature are some physical properties that can be measured in this way.

Analog Computers



  1. A Service Station gasoline pump contains an analog processor that connects fuel flow measurements into quantity and price values.
  2. Automobile speed meter, etc.
  • Digital Computers

These are High speed programmable electronic devices that perform mathematical calculations, compare values, and store the results. They recognize data by counting discrete signals representing either a high ‘on’ or low ‘off’ voltage state of electricity. Numbers, alphabets, and special symbols can all reduced to representation by 1s and 0s.

Personal Cpmputer


  1. Personal Computer.
  2. The scoreboard directly counts discrete values such as the time left to play and the score of each team.

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  • Hybrid Computers

In this Classification of computers, Hybrid computers combine the best features of analog and digital computers. The computer accepts data both from the sensors within the production area and from conventional input/output(I/O)devices.

Using the production data, the computer plans for future manufacturing and distributes existing inventories, activities which require the computer to compute digital data and produce a report for management. So the Hybrid computer is perfectly suited to this application. For instance, the computer can act as a digital computer, processing stored data for management.

Classification of computers by size

Classification according to Size

  • Super Computer

In this Classification of computers by type and size, A supercomputer is generally characterized as being the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive computer. After that, the supercomputer has large memories and high processing speeds: they can process up to billion instructions per second. So They are used for processing very large files and performing large-scale mathematical calculations.

Classification of computers by size

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  • Mainframe Computer

In this Classification of computers, A mainframe computer is usually slower, less powerful, and less expensive than a supercomputer. For instance, Mainframes Computer processes a million instructions per second, This kind of computer use in many businesses to update inventory, etc.Classification of computers by size


  • Mini Computer

Minicomputer is smaller than mainframe, general-purpose computer and gives computing power without adding the prohibitive expenses associated with large systems. Minicomputer is well adapted for functions such as accounting, word processing, database management, statistical packages for social sciences. Computer-aided design and Numerical Analysis etc.

  • Micro Computer

A Microcomputer is the smallest least expensive of all the computers. The prefix ‘micro’ refers mainly to the physical size of the computer and its circuitry, rather than its capabilities. this kind of computer has the smallest memory and less power is physically smaller and permits fewer peripherals to be attached. An example of a microcomputer is Raspberry PI.Classification of computers by size

  • Laptops and notebook

Laptops and notebooks provide mobile computing technology with, In other words, the same power as personal computers The Laptop battery-operated and you can use it any time anywhere. In this type of computer, you can connect with various input and output devices.

Classification of computers by type

  • Hand-Held Computers

Handheld computers s are even smaller than notebooks. Each handheld computer holds more than 1,200 records and provides police officers with timely and sometimes life-saving information.


Classification of computers by type

  • Pen-Based Computing

The pen-based computer is one type of computer which uses an electronic touch writing pad. you can use it with an electronic pen or your finger. When the user writes something on the pad, the Pen-based computer gets all the information as digital input and then stored in a file on the computer.


I hope you get the all information about the Classification of computers by type and size Example. If you like this article, you can share and comment. So that we too have a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.


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