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You can now buy Okaya electric scooters on Flipkart. Bank and EMI matching offers apply.



Okaya Electric now makes some of its models available on Flipkart. This list includes electric scooters such as Freedom, ClassIQ+ and Faast F2B.

Flipkart has many Okaya electric scooters. iconic image.

Okaya About EV Flipkart: In India, the electric two-wheeler segment has surged in recent months. In India, electric scooters and electric motorcycles are on sale one after another. E-commerce platforms are also entering the space to capitalize on the opportunity. No need to rush to the showroom to buy an electric scooter. Various brands of Flipkart e-scooters are available. Okaya Electric has gained considerable popularity in this electric motorcycle segment. The EV maker now has some of its models available on his Flipkart. This list includes electric scooters such as Freedom, ClassIQ+ and Faast F2B. The e-commerce company claims its users are served in 9000 of his PIN code areas in a total of 245 cities nationwide.

In July of this year, Flipkart introduced consumers to the Auto category. To access, the customer visits her Flipkart,[バイクと車]under category[二輪車]Select an option. Most interestingly, he gets offers directly from his Flipkart that you wouldn’t normally get from a bike or scooter dealer. These include various bank offers, credit card offers, and free EMI offers. The company also guarantees delivery within 15 days of ordering.

Rakesh Krishnan, Senior Director of Automotive and Electronics Division at Flipkart, said: We are pleased to have recently added the motorcycle category to our platform. This brings the benefits of this fast-growing segment to people’s doorsteps. ”

He added, “Our goal is to offer a wide range of brands of two-wheelers with a promise of 15-day delivery. We are pleased to have Okaya’s EV series available to meet the growing needs of customers nationwide for electric vehicles.”

According to Flipkart, the motorcycle category has seen a more than 10x increase in searches since its launch on its platform. The traction of this impressive customer base has been witnessed.

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Anshul Gupta, Director of Okaya EV, said: Over 10 years of leadership in the battery industry have established us in this field. We have almost all types of electric scooters, from fast to slow. To meet the needs of Flipkart customers, we promise a 15-day delivery guarantee. ”