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Woman’s iPhone found still working after 12 months lost at sea



iPhone is considered the most powerful phone. This phone will not break even if dropped in water. Many such phones now come with a waterproof rating. However, in recent years, there have been many cases where iPhones have been submerged in water for 12 months and still work fine. Please tell me the whole story.

After 12 months, the woman got her iPhone back

The incident took place in Hampshire, England. As reported by Sun UK, a local resident found Claire Atfield’s missing iPhone 8 Plus at sea 12 months later.

iPhone fell into the sea

The woman is a paddleboarder and reportedly wears an iPhone 8 Plus around her neck while paddleboarding. But after a while he fell into the sea. “While paddleboarding in April 2021, I had my phone hanging with the protective case around my neck. I noticed it’s gone.

Surprised to get an old phone

Claire said, “I was sure I would never find the phone again. I thought it was lost. But about 12 months later, a man named Bradley Cotton went to a nearby beach and called him. He then contacts Claire and tells her about the phone.When the phone reaches him, he finds it working, but with some scratches.

This incident proves once again that the iPhone is far more powerful and durable than other mobile phones.

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