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Woman retrieved iPhone 8 Plus after 465 days without trying to find it



iPhone lost at work: A Hampshire woman lost her cell phone at sea 465 days ago. For a long time he brought the phone back to normal.

he went for a walk However, he never considered getting the phone back.

iPhone 8 Plus: Lost Phone While Traveling and Found Again – Is It Really Possible? Wouldn’t You Be Surprised to Find Your Phone Working Like It Used to? Hampshire woman lost her mobile phone at sea 465 days ago. For a long time he brought the phone back to normal. The phone was reportedly washed up on a beach and retrieved by a man while walking his dog. The phone the woman lost at sea was her iPhone 8 Plus. Like her five others, her lost phone is never found again. This woman came with the same idea. However, when he got the phone back, he was surprised.

As Yahoo News reported, Claire Atfield’s phone was accidentally dropped from her paddleboard in Havant, Hampshire on August 4 last year. Thinking that she would never get it back, she didn’t look for the phone. However, he was surprised to find his lost phone. He received a call on his November 7th.

The phone was washed up on the beach. Surprisingly, the iPhone 8 Plus model didn’t have many scratches. Doug Walker, who first notices the phone, discovers that Claire’s mother’s medical records are inside the phone. From there it was later confirmed that the phone belonged to Claire Atfield.

After getting the phone back, Claire said, “I’m surprised the phone still works.” “While paddleboarding that day, I called on a string. i have a phone However, he said he would be happier with an old phone than buying a new one.

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Like other iPhones, the iPhone 8 Plus is IP68 rated. So your iPhone stays intact even if it falls or sinks. Apple engineers also said the phone will remain underwater for a year while curating it. That said, don’t try to submerge your iPhone again at home.