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Winter car care tips: How to take care of your car in winter? Here are 5 quick tips



As soon as Uma departs, a passing headache reminds him of “her” arrival. And that is why in the coming months Asmudra Himachal will be hit with winter cold. The effects of the cold will continue until next February. Just as special precautions are needed to avoid the cold weather at this time of year, so too are Sada’s cars. So, here are some tips on what care your beloved four-wheeler needs in the coming cold days of summer and monsoons.

Full vehicle check

Regular inspections are necessary for any car or motorcycle, not just in winter. Due to the variety of instruments inside, be sure to have your vehicle properly checked by qualified personnel from an Authorized Service Center. This not only improves performance, but also solves unexpected problems.

battery health check

Just as overheating is very detrimental to the battery in your car, overheating can also cause some problems. If your car battery is very old or has a low charge, prolonged exposure to extreme cold can completely “dead” the battery. This means that the car is difficult to start even after thousands of attempts. Also, during this time of the year when the temperature is close to freezing, the distilled water that accumulates in the car battery is more likely to turn into ice. While you still have time, have this battery health checked by a good mechanic.

Show light status

Most of the winter days are spent in a foggy environment, especially after sunset when many places are shrouded in thick fog. In all these cases, the normal headlights of the car do not provide sufficient visibility. You need fog lights for that. Most modern cars have built-in fog lights, but lower-end models and older cars do not. In that case, it is necessary to install a commercial fog lamp after the company.


As you know, a special type of coolant is used to control excessive temperatures in the engine inside the car. But it also plays an important role on cold days. The liquid used as a refrigerant contains substances that are difficult to freeze. Therefore, it is necessary to check the amount of liquid in the coolant chamber. Absolutely necessary, especially in cold climates.


Just as water accumulates near your car during a heavy rain and vapors form, fog and smoke from the outside air accumulates on your car windshield during cold weather. Naturally, it makes it much harder to see outside, and dangerously dangerous. In such cases, a portable device that helps remove vapors easily when attached to the car can help. Be sure to use them.

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