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Will unlimited calling be available on all prepaid plans in the future? Airtel’s move sparks speculation



India officially launched 5G a month and a half ago, but the service is not yet available to everyone. Rather, he should access his existing 4G recharge plan to use mobile data, SMS, and make phone calls. In that case, those who spend hours calling their loved ones even during this time should opt for a plan with unlimited voice calling facilities. of carriers offer truly unlimited calls (read: truly unlimited calls) with their prepaid plans. With the exception of a certain range of plans, customers of companies such as Airtel and Vi still get only a few minutes of free calls when it comes to low-cost recharges. Even they have to pay a certain fee. However, it looks like there will be a big shift in the placement of this telecom company in the near future. In fact, we recently heard that a private operator’s portfolio may not include prepaid packs that only offer specific minutes. Simply put, the benefits of unlimited calling are immediately visible on all plans for all companies.

All prepaid plans come with unlimited calls, but do the benefits really add up?

According to a recent report by ICICI Securities, Airtel has canceled its Rs 99 basic plan in two circles in the country. As a result, Haryana B Circle and Odisha C Circle will not be able to recharge this amount and instead customers will be recharged at a minimum of Tk 155. Offers unlimited voice calls.

In this scenario, if Airtel were to follow the same steps in the rest of the country, we could say that each plan would include the ability for unlimited voice calls. Even the Airtel lookalike Vodafone Idea can do the same.

However, one of the country’s leading telecom operators has raised concerns. The question then arises, should I get caught in the net of price hikes while enjoying unlimited calls on all plans? This is because companies can make more money from their customers by increasing the price of basic plans while providing unlimited calling features in this way. In that case, like it or not, the customer of the carrier must accept this decision!

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