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Now WhatsApp will answer video calls with your digital avatar



WhatsApp will answer video calls in your digital avatar

Whatapp is the most popular message-sharing platform. Now WhatsApp will be going to introduce a new feature to answer your video calls with your digital avatar. Here you will know detailed information about Now WhatsApp will answer video calls with your digital avatar. The feature is currently in the testing stage. It will release soon.

WhatsApp will answer video calls with your digital avatar:

WhatsApp is desperately trying to divert the attention of users by adding new features every day to give a strong fight to Telegram. This time, perhaps the most interesting feature is going to be added to this message-sharing platform of Meta. From now on, you can receive WhatsApp video calls on your behalf in your digital avatar.

According to a new report by Whatsapp Beta Information, WhatsApp is working on a new feature where users can attend any video call as their animated avatar. These animated avatars will replace the WhatsApp profile picture or feed on your phone’s front camera on demand. The fun feature has been in the development stage for quite some time. But it will still take some time for the feature to come to the final level.

Now WhatsApp will answer video calls with your digital avatar


The screenshot shared by WABetaInfo simply shows a new switch, saying ‘switch to avatar’. This requires users to press from the live front camera feed to switch to their animated avatars. Beta users, who see the button pop up during a video call, shouldn’t be too excited yet. Because this switch is not functional so far.

Animated avatars are going to be a neat addition to the WhatsApp video calling experience that doesn’t offer any filters or fun features like google duo. However, we still don’t know what kind of animated avatar WhatsApp will implement in the future. It is believed that they can be 2D or 3D.

When WhatsApp enables the functionality of this feature by pressing the ‘Switch to Avatar’ button, we will get to know more details about this. However, there is currently no timeline on when it will be activated. So, it will take some more time for you to enjoy the benefits of this feature.

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