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WhatsApp Community: Everything you need under one umbrella, 5000 members, 50 groups to coordinate WhatsApp community



How to create a WhatsApp community: What is WhatsApp community, how many people can be added to a community, how many groups can be added to a WhatsApp community, know all the information.

The larger version of a group is a community. symbolic image.

WhatsApp Communities Explained: A few weeks ago WhatsApp announced its Communities feature. As promised, Android, iOS and web users will be able to access the feature within a few weeks. WhatsApp kept talking to that word. WhatsApp has rolled out the community feature for Android, iOS and web users. Opening a WhatsApp Community is meant to bring together many individuals and all groups with similar interests under one umbrella.

“Today we’re excited to share our vision for a new feature we’ve added to WhatsApp,” says Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of WhatsApp Community Meta. Since WhatsApp launched in 2009, we’ve been thinking about how we How can help users reach the next level of personal conversation. Users want to talk to an individual, a group of friends or family. We often hear from people who use WhatsApp for communication and coordination within a community. are using.

What is WhatsApp Community?

WhatsApp communities are like a lot of groups. But the more people you can add to a group, the bigger the community will be. For example, WhatsApp groups allow their users to discuss a topic. There, the WhatsApp community brings together several groups of similar interest under one umbrella and provides an opportunity to discuss the matter in a larger space. In this regard you can add multiple groups including multiple schools, neighborhoods, camps.

For iOS users, the Community tab is displayed right next to the Chat, Settings option. In case of WhatsApp Web, you will find this Community tab on the top right side of your screen.

how to create whatsapp community

* Click on the Community tab in your WhatsApp.

* Now give the name, description and profile picture of that community. Remember, the community name cannot exceed 24 characters. There should also be a description, which can give a small idea about your community.

* Click the green arrow icon to add the group to the community. You can also create new groups and add them to a compatible community with similar interests.

WhatsApp Communities: how many members, how many groups can be added

* After adding a group, click on the green check mark icon.

* You can add up to 50 groups to an announcement group on WhatsApp.

* Announcement group can add up to 5000 members.

* Groups are always open for any member to join.

What is WhatsApp Community Announcement Group?

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WhatsApp says, “A community announcement group will automatically be created for your community. It’s a place where community administrators can send messages to every member of that community.”

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