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WhatsApp Brings Useful Features and Good News for Users



WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging platform, recently launched a new feature for business profile users. Users can also use this feature to search for other businesses, talk to them, and buy products from merchants. In a blog post published on its website, the Meta-owned company said that with the help of the new feature, WhatsApp Business users will be able to add phone numbers to their contact list and search for contact information. It said the business group could be easily contacted via the messaging app without having to visit the company’s website. And it goes without saying that users will definitely benefit greatly from this.

What are the benefits of the new features?

Going forward, WhatsApp Business users will be able to search for businesses using their name, as well as business groups based on categories such as banking and travel. This feature is rolling out to users in Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and several other countries. As a result, users in these countries can now use the WhatsApp Business platform to find contact information for other companies.

From now on, users can shop online from home through WhatsApp.

In addition, users can now shop online directly through WhatsApp without having to visit shopping websites. The Meta-owned platform partners with a number of payment providers to allow users to make purchases directly from Instant Her messaging app. Note that a service similar to this functionality has recently been launched in the country. Recently, India’s Reliance (Reliance) or Jio (Jio) announced that users can now buy and pay for any equipment he wants from JioMart through his WhatsApp. This means you will never have to use another application or his website to buy Raisdal Oil Spices or other grocery items from now on. With WhatsApp on his phone, he can make the necessary purchases with just a few clicks. In addition, Geomart will also recommend other products to customers during their next shopping trip, based on previously ordered products.

Users can now vote on WhatsApp

Additionally, the Meta-owned company has added a new feature to Halffil called WhatsApp Polls for both Android and iOS users in the chat space. This feature allows you to poll within your WhatsApp chat for feedback on specific topics. So if someone asks about anything in this instant girlfriend messaging app, users can vote and answer. Note that users can use her WhatsApp Polls feature for both private and group chats. Voting will be end-to-end encrypted in both chat types, according to the company owned by Meta.

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