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Want to stay safe on the internet?don’t forget these tasks



There is no doubt that the Internet has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, just like clothing, food, and housing. We are so caught up in the magic of the internet that we can’t escape it. This amazing thing has revolutionized human life by making many difficult tasks easier. Interest in things that are easy to do at home is increasing day by day. And now people from all walks of life use the internet because it is so affordable.

What is worrisome, however, is that the pattern of crime in Halffil is slowly changing as a result of this large-scale use. Today, with the rise of hackers, various cyber frauds are rampant in Internet-dependent e-life. Users’ devices are being hacked without their knowledge and their bank accounts are being siphoned off with hard-earned money. Therefore, users should ensure their safety and security in the digital age of this scammer. In that case, no matter how cunning the hacker is, if you keep an eye out for him, you can defeat the crooks very easily. In that case, if you want to protect yourself from modern hackers, follow the guidelines below.

Follow these tips to avoid falling prey to hackers

1. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts

Users should always use different passwords for different accounts. Users often use the same password for all their accounts to make it easier to remember, but this is not ideal. This is because the possibility of account hacking increases. In this case, if the crooks somehow know the password of any account, by abusing it, access to all accounts of the respective user is immediately in the hands of crooks. However, if different accounts are given different passwords, such incidents are unlikely. Therefore, you should always use different, fairly complex and large sets of passwords for different accounts.

2. Do not download apps from third party sources

Always download apps from official and licensed app stores. For example, Android users should always visit the Google Play Store to download apps. App security is checked before being posted on the Google Play Store, which greatly reduces the chances of your application having harmful malware or bugs. This allowed users to escape hacking. On the other hand, downloading an app from a third party source does not guarantee the app itself. Simply put, in this case, the user’s device is much more likely to be hacked. Therefore, you should always follow expert advice and download applications from approved app stores.

3. Never open email attachments from unknown sources

Ignore emails from unknown accounts. You don’t even have to open the attached attachments. Because scammers mainly use such emails for phishing attacks. Hackers can gain access to users’ devices when they accidentally open them. And what are the consequences, certainly need not be said again. So never forget such a task.

4. Don’t use public Wi-Fi networks

One of the most important things to stay safe online is a secure internet connection. However, many people are unaware of this problem. That’s why most people use public Wi-Fi connections in cyber cafes, restaurants, airports, train stations, etc. And since the internet is free, many people use it without a second thought. However, security on public Wi-Fi networks is not as strong. As a result, hackers can take advantage of such wireless networks to inject malicious code into users’ devices, stealing users’ email or social media account IDs and passwords, bank account details, and much more. You run the risk of having your personal information stolen. So don’t use public Wi-Fi connections, even if they are free.

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