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US researchers predict India will overtake China and US will lead the world in EV production



Witnessing history, many children of India have earned a title of excellence by praising our country to the whole world.Today, when India leads the world in manufacturing electric vehicles, history repeats itself. I’m trying to India deserves to be the world leader in manufacturing electric vehicles. Research from Berkeley National Laboratory and UCLA recently claimed to point to such a light. It is said that by 2070, all petrol and diesel vehicles will be fully battery-powered. When we stop emitting greenhouse gases, we will have a pristine, pollution-free environment.

India imports about 88% of its oil annually from oil-producing countries. About 60% of it is used in diesel trucks. Besides being environmentally friendly, electric trucks or electric vehicles are much more cost-effective than diesel-powered trucks. Such news came out last Monday in a joint study between Berkeley Lab and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In the future, India is said to have the potential to become a world leader in manufacturing battery-powered vehicles of all kinds.

Studies show that if India succeeds in this campaign, it will reduce the cost of importing oil. A reduction in environmental pollution will allow you to breathe clean, pure air. In addition, the commitment to have zero greenhouse gas emissions in the environment by 2070 will be met. “The introduction of electric trucks will improve India’s energy security and significantly reduce the cost of transporting goods,” said Nikit, a reporter and researcher at Berkeley Lab research. According to him, Indian freight vehicles should be electrified first.

According to this study, while diesel vehicles emit 35% of greenhouse gases, battery-powered vehicles can only reduce them by 9%. “This novel electrification policy has long been established in India,” said Deepak Raja Gopal, another scientist at Berkeley Lab and UCLA and one of the report’s authors. said. In a paper published by the Berkeley Lab, Rajagopal added, “We know now is the right time to have the right policies for trucks.”

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