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UPI payment can be done even without debit card, know how you can take advantage of this facility



Most of the smartphone users now use the PhonePe platform for any kind of online payment, as a result of which this UPI app with the purple logo now occupies a mature position on the mobile handset along with various other applications. The platform also currently has over 2.5 million active users. In that case, to increase its popularity and acceptance, PhonePe has introduced the facility to make online payments without debit cards. Don’t be surprised, given the fact that the company recently introduced the option to activate UPI through Aadhaar card. As a result now candidates can complete the OTP verification process of PhonePe using Aadhaar Card no ATM card details are required.

Now the question is how to do phonepe authentication through aadhar card. In that case, the process is very simple and requires following a few simple steps. It is explained in detail below.

How to make online payment from PhonePe with Aadhaar

1. To complete PhonePe authentication with Aadhaar card, first of all you need to download PhonePe app from Google Play Store or Apple App.

2. After this open the app and enter your mobile number and OTP there.

3. The next step is to tap on the ‘My Money’ section in the ‘Payment Methods’ mode.

4. Here you have to click on the option of ‘Add New Bank Account’.

5. Now select the specific bank name for which you want to activate UPI.

6. In this case your account will be linked to UPI after PhonePe verification after which you will be asked to select Debit/ATM card or Aadhaar card to activate UPI.

7. Here if Aadhaar Card option is selected then you have to enter last 6 digits of Aadhaar Card in the space provided. Then enter the registered mobile number received.

8. After entering OTP, you need to set UPI PIN and then you can make online payment easily.

Undoubtedly, this new feature of PhonePe will be very useful, as it will enable UPI activation even for those who do not have a debit card in their bank account. But remember, your mobile number must be registered with the bank to complete the Aadhaar based UPI process.

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