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Trainman: Good news. If your train ticket is not confirmed, you can get a free air ticket.Book here



It is very difficult to get a confirmed ticket on Indian railways these days. If you want to visit the busiest places, you should book your ticket four months in advance. However, there are many websites and apps on the market that claim to offer confirmed tickets. But really they are just words. However, in today’s report, we are going to talk about an app that offers flight tickets if they are not confirmed after booking a train ticket.

command Yes! The train ticket booking app we are talking about is called Trainman. We also have a website. You can download it for free from the Google Play store. A feature of the Trainman App is that you book your train ticket from here and if your ticket is not confirmed, Trainman will provide you with your flight ticket. So your journey doesn’t stop.

The app recently launched a feature called Trip Assurance. This feature ensures that train tickets are available when train tickets have not been confirmed. The app also shows the odds of a ticket being confirmed.

If you book 10 tickets from Trainman and have a 90% or higher confirmation probability, the app will suggest using the Trip Assurance service. The surcharge is only 1 Rs. If your ticket has less than a 90% chance of being confirmed, you will need to pay a small travel guarantee based on your ticket and class.

If the ticket is confirmed, the travel guarantee fee will be refunded, and if the ticket is not confirmed, the company will provide a same-day ticket, but one thing to remember here is that the travel guarantee service is currently , Rajdani train. So if you take a train ticket in Rajdani and get a travel guarantee and your ticket is not confirmed, you get a free ticket, but if your e-ticket is not confirmed, the company will not be able to provide refunds like IRCTC. No information provided.

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