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Tracking App: Find your stolen phone’s location even when it’s turned off.Download this app now



It is quite normal to have thousands of worries if our daily companion smartphone is suddenly stolen or lost. But sitting with your hands crossed and being helpless with the strain on your head won’t do the trick. Rather, it’s sole goal is to track the location of your lost phone. But in this case, he has only one problem. Many of us may not know how to find a lost handset. So today we offer an application available in the Google Play store. Install this application on your Android mobile to easily track the location of your lost smartphone. As you can see, this app works just like Google’s “Find My Phone” feature. But with this app installed, the exact location of your device will reach you even if your phone is turned off or the battery is dead.

This app finds stolen Android smartphones

People are becoming more modern and using smartphones is on the rise. But conversely, as the number of smartphones in people’s hands grows, so does the number of thefts. In this case, you will have to face various difficulties in tracking the phone after it has been stolen or stolen. Also, if the victim’s phone is turned off or turned off for any reason, getting back a stolen cell phone becomes a difficult task. But now there is an Android app available on the Google Play store that makes it easy to track stolen phones.

However, in this case, if your phone is stolen, we offer extra advice to file a police complaint first instead of just trying it yourself. Using a variety of processes and technologies, police can track the exact location of a cell phone so that it can be handed over. You can also install a location tracking app on your phone.

Download this location tracker app from google play store to find stolen phone

The app we’ve been talking about for a long time is called Track Even When It’s Off (Track Even When It’s Off). The Android app mentioned above is available for download from the Google Play Store and has a very good rating.The setup process for this application developed by Hammer Security is very simple. Once the app is downloaded, open it and grant some device permissions. He has two functions of dummy switch off and flight mode. With this feature, your phone will work even if it’s turned off, but the thief will believe that your device is actually turned off and can’t be tracked.

The app in question keeps sending all activity on the device, including live location, selfies of the person holding the phone, and other details to the emergency number provided. can be tracked to So if you have an Android phone, you can keep this app on your phone called “Track It Even It’s Off”. So that you don’t have to rush or worry unnecessarily if your phone is stolen.

(Note: Please read all the details before installing on your device and download the app in question only after reading reviews from the Google Play Store.)

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