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This sign will tell you that your phone has been to survive



We hear news of phone and computer hacks from time to time, and everyone is being asked to be on the lookout for these types of unwanted incidents. I don’t know how to hack my account or how to protect myself from hacking incidents. In that case, your smartphone and social media accounts are just assets in this digital life. So hackers try to control it in various ways. In this case, the hacker installs Trojan horse or keylogging software on your phone, or uses phishing emails. In situations like this, smartphone and internet users fall into the trap of bad guys if they don’t listen with their eyes open.

What exactly is keylogging?

Keylogging is a type of spyware that acts as a stalker. If this kind of software exists on your phone, hackers can see what you’re typing, where you’re tapping on the phone screen, and who you’re talking to on the phone. Trojans, on the other hand, are a type of malicious malware that hackers use to steal credit card details, personal information, and more from mobile phones.

This is how hacking is also done

The easiest and most well-known hacking method is a phishing attack. Like fish lured with bait, hackers lure people with phishing emails, offers, or SMS. In this case, they send an unknown link in an email or message and as soon as someone clicks on it, the malware gets installed on his phone. Another name for danger is Bluetooth hacking. Here, professional hackers use specific types of devices to look for vulnerable devices. In this situation, if her Bluetooth on the phone is always on, the hacker can hack the phone even from 30 feet away. Additionally, SIM card swapping is also a common method of hacking. Hackers try to access a user’s information by calling her SIM operator in the user’s name and requesting a SIM replacement.

Some signs of a hacked phone

If you think someone has hacked your phone, there are a few easy ways to check. Because in this case some signal will be visible on your phone. For example –

1. Hacking will quickly drain your phone’s battery.

2. My phone runs slow and heats up quickly.

3. Many apps on the handset stop running or the phone turns off automatically (see Restart).

4. Smartphones consume more data than necessary. Additional SMS and other charges may also be displayed.

How to avoid hacking?

If you want to keep yourself safe in the world of the internet and smartphones, be careful. In this case, always update the phone software to the latest version to avoid hacking, and keep updating not only the phone but also the apps used on the phone so that hackers do not get loopholes. password. To avoid danger, do not use public Wi-Fi or fast charging stations. Don’t click on unknown links (even if someone you know sent them). Also, turn off Bluetooth and WiFi options when not in use.

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