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This e-scooter supports SIM cards, 80Km range at very low cost



SIM Card Supported E-Scooter: The Infinity E1 electric scooter from Bounce is quite affordable. You can use a SIM card in this electric scooter, which is one of the reasons for the popularity of the Infinity E1.

The battery of the e-scooter has a SIM card slot.

Bounce Infinity E1: The country’s electric mobility has seen tremendous progress in recent times. Automobile companies are completely focusing on electric vehicles. Electric bikes and scooters have been launched one after the other in the last few months. Comparatively, there are still few electric four wheelers in the country. Recently, a company named Bounce has launched Infinity E1. Users have been comparing it with the Ola electric scooter ever since the delivery took place. One of the biggest benefits of buying the Infinity E1 e-scooter is the battery saving. Because, it has battery swappable technology.

The Infinity E1 electric scooter from Bounce is quite affordable. However, despite being a budget segment e-scooter, its battery is quite strong. What’s more, you can use a SIM card in this Bounce Infinity electric scooter, which is one of the reasons behind the popularity of the Infinity E1.

Bounce Infinity E1 at very low price

The price of Bounce Infinity E1 is less than 70 thousand rupees. Actually you can buy e-scooter without battery. Now if you buy the battery from Bounce, the e-scooter will cost you Rs 88,100. The biggest feature of the Infinity E1 is that there will be no need to take the scooter near the charging point for charging. Thanks to the swappable battery, you can take it anywhere and charge it. The battery of this scooter will be fully charged in just 4 to 5 hours. The special thing is that the scooter uses only two units of its battery even after being fully charged.

Range and Features

The maximum range of this electric scooter is 80 km. That is, on a single charge, it can run up to 80 kilometers. At the same time, the e-scooter can give a range of up to 60Km in power mode. It also has many advanced features. Along with anti-theft, live location tracking, geofencing, tow alert cruise control, it can also tow up to 200 kg. Both the front and rear tires are 12-inch and tubeless. There is telescopic suspension and disc brakes at both the front and rear. Infinity E1 e-scooter comes with 1.5KW hub mountain motor with 3 years warranty. If the motor runs less than 40,000 km, it can be replaced even after it is damaged.

SIM card features

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The biggest feature of this scooter is the facility of SIM card usage. A SIM card has been given in the battery of this e-scooter. By connecting the battery to the smart phone, you can track wherever you go with GPS. Also, through the SIM card, you will get the battery capacity and many other information. With the battery having an IP rating of 68, water ingress should not be a problem. Also, the company claims that it can be replaced if it is damaged before 45 thousand kilometers or before 3 years.