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The new Super Meteor 650 hits the streets as the Royal Enfield Rider Mania kicks off



Hosted by iconic motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield, Rider Mania is back after a two-year hibernation. Today, Friday, is the culmination of events in Goa. Lasts up to 20 days. The popular horse riding event has been closed for the past two years due to the corona epidemic. Ridermania enters its 12th year this year.

Royal Enfield estimates over 15,000 bikers will attend the event. With a diverse mix of bikers, artists, musicians and storytellers from all over the country, the event is expected to be beautiful overall. Various artists have the chance to showcase their talents here. This year’s Rydermania showcases the country’s music, art, traditions and culture.

But the main attraction of the 12th edition of RiderMania lies elsewhere. The Super Meteor 650 (Super Meteor) cruiser that was exhibited at the Milan Motorcycle Show held in Italy the other day will make its first appearance here. There’s even speculation that a direct launch announcement, or price, might be revealed.

This year’s Rider Mania has four categories: MotoThrill, MotoVille, MotoSonic and MotoShop. In addition to this, there is another program called his Motoril where avid riders can interact with big names in the industry.

MotoThrill is essentially an off-road training motopark and training academy, the brainchild of CS Santosh, the first to participate in the Decker Rally in India. Also in attendance will be Nani Roma, a popular two- and four-wheeler driver who has participated in the Decker Rally, and Ashish Rawan, one of the first Indians to participate in the Decker Rally. Additionally, the event will feature a dirt track.

Motoville consists of four zones: Exploration Zone, Custom Zone, Cruiser Zone and Street Zone. Each zone features experts in wildlife photography, sneaker customization, and mural art. There is also a Royal Enfield museum where visitors can learn about the history of the company.

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