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The display can be expanded at will, LG showed a glimpse of the future smartphone



The world of mobile phones has changed a lot in the last few years. This electronic gadget is no longer just a means to make phone calls, but has become an integral part of the daily lives of residents in the digital age for online work and leisure. With the device in hand and keeping in mind the enormous demand of users, manufacturers often make various modifications to this device. When first launched, mobile phones offered some basic features, but now things have completely changed. In today’s digital age, consumers can find a variety of smartphones packed with eye-catching designs and many useful features.

In addition, with Samsung as the main driver, several retractable and foldable devices have appeared on the market to attract users. The South Korean tech giant has worked hard not only to attract users, but to surprise customers by introducing new changes to smartphones. Until now, no other brand has been able to beat the company in the foldable and flip smartphone market. And these recent changes have raised a lot of questions in many people’s minds about what the smartphones of the future will look like. am interested in In this case, a futuristic smartphone design has emerged that netizens are really excited about!

LG could offer smartphones with stretchable displays in the future

Popular tech company LG (LG) says future smartphones will have stretchable displays. So, in the near future, smartphones will have high-definition displays and be flexible enough to fold, twist and stretch (pull) from 12 to 14 inches. But the most amazing thing is that it doesn’t damage the display at all! What are you so surprised to hear? But even though it seems impossible, LG has given a very credible sign that such an amazing technology will hit the market in a matter of days, resulting in netizens’ eyes being raised. increase.

Note that this display on LG phones is made via elastic film. In a blog post, the company says the display will use micro LED lights. In addition, instead of the linear wire method, the S-shaped spring wire method is adopted. In fact, if LG can bring such an amazing thing to market in the next few days, it goes without saying that the company could revolutionize the world of smartphones.

This technology can be used in many areas other than smartphones

In addition to this, the company also announced that this amazing technology can be used in skinwear, clothing, furniture, automobiles and aircraft. can be done. As such, manufacturers can use this technology to build portable devices. Basically, this technology helps a lot in keeping the weight of the device low.

LG has revealed that it is currently working with several companies in South Korea to manufacture the device in question. It has not yet been used in commercial devices. However, we can definitely expect the technology to be used in LG smartphones and other products in the future.

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