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The country’s smallest electric car will debut on January 5th, bringing back memories of Tata Nano



After months of testing, MG Motor is finally ready to launch its second electric vehicle in India. Dubbed the Air, the model will debut in India on January 5th next year. It will also be exhibited at the Auto Expo to be held in two years. MG Air will be the smallest electric car in the country.

The MG Air is modeled after the company’s small electric vehicle, the Wuling Air EV. It currently dominates the Indonesian market. However, MG’s new vehicles in India will be powered by domestically produced batteries. That supplier is Tata AutoComp. As a result, their car prices are believed to be able to remain affordable in a highly competitive market.

The MG Air model is powered by an electric motor with a capacity of 38 bhp. This motor is located in the front wheel of the car. Meanwhile, a 25kWh battery pack is used as its energy source. This battery can travel 150 km on a full charge. It’s only 3 meters long, but it’s got great features. It costs a little more than the Tata Tiago, which is currently the cheapest electric car in the country.

The front of the MG Air model is an attractive design with square headlights, rectangular turn signals and a large windshield that gives it a futuristic look. This two-door electric car of his is designed primarily for daily commuting in urban areas. The Tata AutoComp LPF battery in it is light enough and suitable for long-term use without maintenance.

MG Air’s showroom price is around 100,000 rupees, which is quite high for the automotive industry. However, given the price, its extensive feature list never disappoints customers.

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