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Thanks to the iPhone 15, the power volume button turns on and everything is done with one touch



Apple’s latest generation iPhone 14 series of flagship phones was launched in the global market last September. Naturally, its successor, the iPhone 15 lineup, will hit the market in a few years, and the company expects it to launch between September and his October next year. However, speculation about the next series has already started. And now, a research firm has revealed that the iPhone 15 series phones will feature solid-state touch-based buttons. Let’s see what information emerges about this new feature.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro series will have solid-state touch buttons instead of mechanical buttons

According to research firm Barclays, Apple’s component supplier Cirrus Logic has suggested that Apple may adopt solid-state touch buttons and do away with physical keys in next year’s iPhone models. In a letter to shareholders earlier this month, the company said it was working on his HPMS component for smartphones next year.

HPMS is Cirrus Logic’s high-performance mixed-signal chip that contains the haptic drivers for the Haptic Engine used in the Apple iPhone. The company’s chief executive, John Forsythe, said earlier that the new parts are expected to hit the market in the second half of next year. By the way, the launch of this new component in the second half of 2023 is within the time frame of Apple’s planned launch of the iPhone 15 Pro model next September.

In particular, prominent Apple product analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported on the iPhone’s touch-based buttons last month. According to him, the new iPhone 15 Pro models will have solid-state volume and power buttons. Added that it has an additional haptic engine that provides haptic feedback for

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