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Tata Motors Partners with American Company to Revolutionize the World of Transportation



Organizations large and small are making strides to prevent increasing pollution in India. As one of the country’s auto giants, Tata Motors (Tata Motors) has struck a deal with Cummins, a US company that manufactures alternative fuel commercial vehicles. The two companies will jointly sell environmentally friendly buses and trucks. These will primarily be hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines, fuel cells and battery electric vehicles.

Incidentally, the partnership between Tata Motors and Cummins has remained intact for the past 30 years. This partnership is expected to deepen the bond between the two companies. Together they will help advance India’s Energy for Sustainable Development goals and reach zero carbon emissions by 2070.

Notably, India was one of the first countries to adopt the Cummins ‘hydrogen engine’. This greatly helps reduce carbon emissions. The company’s B6.7 hydrogen engine produces a maximum power of 290 HP and 1200 Nm of torque. This engine is designed to increase power output, reduce friction and increase thermal efficiency.

The company’s portfolio also includes fourth generation hydrogen fuel cell engines. Used on medium and heavy duty trucks and buses. The outputs of the single and dual modules are 135 kW and 270 kW respectively. In this regard, N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of the Board of Tata Motors said: We are taking concrete steps to drive this global megatrend in each of our businesses. To partner with Cummins who share the same goals. “

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