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Style-Features Wins Hearts, Royal Enfield Hunter Surpasses 50,000 Sales in Just 3 Months



One of Royal Enfield’s affordable motorcycles, the Hunter 350, answered the critics. It debuted in the domestic market in August this year. With the Hunter 350 on its shoulders, Royal Enfield posted his record 60% sales increase in October. 82,235 units.

In the month the Hunter was born, last August, 18,197 Hunters were sold in India. After that, the model sold 17,118 in September and 15,445 in October.Within three months of the company’s launch of this light retro-style bike, the overall 50,760 units Sold by Royal Enfield.

The Hunter 350 bike is currently available in 3 variants: Retro, Metro and Metro Rebel. The original showroom price for the first one is Tk 1.50 lakh and for the second and his third is Tk 1.64 lakh and Tk 1.69 lakh. The company’s entry-level cruiser bikes are built on the newly created J platform. The wheelbase length of the bike is 1,370mm. Meanwhile, the Classic and Meteor 350 have wheelbases of 1,390mm and 1,400mm respectively. This means the Hunter 350 is much more compact than other models. Weight 178 kg. By comparison, the Meteor and Classic weigh 191 kg and 195 kg respectively. With a very low weight, the Hunter 350 is well suited for city streets and long distances. The seat height of the bike is 800mm.

The retro version of the Royal Enfield Hunter has spoked wheels. 110/80 and 120/80 section tires are used on front and rear 17-inch wheels. The bike has drum brakes on the rear wheels and single-channel ABS on the front wheels. Even the instrument cluster used in this version is very generic compared to his two other versions. Apart from this, the retro version of the bike has simple halogen bulbs in the front and tubular grab rails in the rear.

If you look at the Metro version of the Hunter, you’ll see 17″ alloy wheels front and rear with 110/70 and 140/70 section Seat Zoom XL tires. This version is equipped with disc brakes and ABS on both wheels. Compared to the Retro variant, the Metro variant has a slimmer and more stylish grille. In this case, there are 6 color options. Additionally, the bike comes with flyscreen, LED indicators, mirrors, sump guards, crash protection, touring seat and side boxes as additional accessories.

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