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Smallest TV launched at an affordable price, pocketable and portable



Nowadays TVs, clocks and even TVs have become ‘smart’. Most of the TV buyers are now demanding bigger Smart TVs, which not only enhance the beauty and status of the home but also make the TV watching experience a lot more enjoyable. But beyond these things, what if you could carry a TV in your pocket? No, we are not talking about smartphone and access to any OTT platform through it. Actually, recently a tech company has prepared a TV with 1 inch display size, which is named TinyTV 2. The company had prepared it as its Kickstarter project. But it looks exactly like a traditional TV. Let us now know in detail about this wonderful TinyTV 2.

Specifications of the new TinyTV 2

The pocket-size tiny TV 2 features a 1-inch display with 216×135 Shopping Mode pixels, with matching dials for channel change and volume boost. Users will also get speaker, power button and infrared receiver for remote control. On the other hand, this small TV houses a lithium-ion battery with a runtime of two hours, while a USB-C port is also available on the TV for charging and data transfer.

Additionally, the Tiny TV 2 model will be powered by a Raspberry Pi RP2040 computer; 8 GB storage will also be available. In a word, this TV will not disappoint feature buyers!

TinyTV 2 Price, Availability

Note that along with the Tiny TV 2, its maker has also launched a 0.6 inch display size TV called the Tiny TV. Both these pocket-sized TVs are currently available for sale on Kickstarter for $ 50 (about Rs 4,000).

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