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Shocked again! OnePlus, Oppo smartphones come without chargers



To protect the environment, world-renowned technology giant Apple will no longer provide iPhone charging adapters after 2020. After the emergence of Carpetino-based technology companies, Samsung, a well-known Korean technology company, adopted this approach. Also, premium and some mid-range smartphone boxes no longer include chargers. In addition to these, Google has already written its name on this list. It is known in Halfir that companies are trying to follow the path set out.

OnePlus and Oppo plan to ditch inbox chargers

A recent informant, Mukul Sharma, revealed on his Twitter account that OnePlus and Oppo will soon stop offering inbox chargers in India. This means that citizens of this country will not get a charger for their device in the box if they buy OnePlus and Oppo phones this time around. But in this context, let’s just say that there is still no clear announcement from the organization. However, Sharma claims to have only recently learned of it through a reliable source. In that case, users may not be too surprised to hear this news as many well-known companies have already done this.

For user convenience, many companies still provide chargers in phone booths

By the way, companies like Vivo, iQOO and Xiaomi still offer chargers that come with smartphones. On top of that, Samsung’s budget-range phones also come with chargers these days. We put it on the market without. The company has already made it clear by assuring customers that this was only done on one smartphone. However, buyers can get chargers for all of the company’s remaining phones.

Why was the in-box charger removed?

The question is, why did tech companies decide to do away with inbox chargers? If so, there has been a great deal of confusion surrounding this question for a long time, and as a result the answer is more or less known to all of us. You answered that you can reduce your carbon footprint. This is very beneficial for environmental health. The company claims they made this decision with the aim of reducing environmental pollution and building a greener world.And the rest of the technology brands are following Apple’s lead.

Is there any rational reason for removing the charger from the phone booth?

The most surprising thing is that even though the company has stopped providing chargers to phone booths to protect the environment, customers still have to purchase chargers individually online or offline. The sale of chargers has never stopped, rather smartphone makers make their business profits by selling them on the street rather than in boxes. Carpetino-based tech company Apple reportedly makes about $6.5 billion in profits by selling chargers and earbuds separately rather than phone booths. So the tech company’s claim not to provide a charger for the phone can be considered utterly nonsensical and absurd.

Brazil fines Apple hefty for missing charger in iPhone box

By the way, millions of iPhone buyers around the world are already in extreme trouble because they don’t come with a charger in the box. Not surprisingly, users have repeatedly criticized Apple for this. Many countries, as well as users, are against the arbitrariness of this organization. Brazil is one of them. The South American country fined Apple $19 million (roughly 156 million rupees) a month ago for not providing chargers in iPhone boxes, and also threw chargers into iPhones. We have strictly instructed the company that they must provide it in the box. is completely unfair. As a result, only time will tell what exactly OnePlus and Oppo will decide in the next few days.

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