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Shlok Mukherjee: A 9th grade student from Calcutta who painted “Bharat 25 Years Later” in a world class



The sky that thinks of a boy. Kolkata-based 9-year-old Shlok Mukhopadhyay has won Google’s doodle competition to show how the world sees India after 25 years. Littleschrock spoke with TV 9 He Bengal about how he came up with this big idea at a young age, Home his style and what he wants to be in the future. His parents were there too.

Twenty-five years later, this is how Indians go hand in hand with robots, thoughts in a little poem. Decoration: Avik Devnath.

Sayantan Mukhopadhyay

Doodle For Google 2022 Champion: “Think and practice thinking,” said Ghatak. All day long, Google posted the Kankurgachi boy’s thoughts on its homepage. November 14th is Children’s Day. On that day, people from all over the world went to Google Sensei’s coaching center and searched, and a picture of Shrok Mukherjee from Kolkata caught their eye. His search engine giant, Google, holds a “Doodle for Google” contest every year on Children’s Day. He has submitted 15,000 images from over 100 cities in India. In that competition, Bengali poetry came out on top. The theme of the movie is “India on the Center Stage”. What you see there is a person holding the robot’s hand. And the picture, the one drawn by the originator, is only 9 years old. Shrok Mukherjee, a student at Delhi Public School in Newtown.

This big idea at a young age is truly unimaginable. Shlok’s father Suman Mukherjee is a professional photographer. He told his TV9 Bangla: Credit to my brother for this image of Schlock that the whole world saw through his Google. Shlok’s uncle, his Sayon Mukherjee, is an illustrator by profession. Naturally, from an early age his eyes were formed by looking at the photographs taken by his father and the paintings painted by his uncle. “My brother made his drawing hands. In fact, Bhai was the first Googler to win such a contest. , ideas, etc. My brother Shion regularly looks at his photos and teaches me to stay on the right path.”

How did this idea come to mind for a little poem

‘Durga Puja Chaturthi or Panchami Day, I just learned that the theme of Children’s Day ‘Doodle for Google’ is ‘India 25 years later’. After learning that, Schlok just thought and wanted to enter the contest. rice field. According to Suman, “In the six days that he completed the doodle, he spent most of his time thinking. But the greatest challenge was the execution of the idea. For each topic I wrote an idea, I wanted to show India on the world stage where people value this country.”

The idea implementation captures all the characters of Google.

English words that Google wanted to represent each letter’s verse differently in the Doodle

Shlok Mukherjee Doodle For Google

Shlok Mukherjee Doodle For Google

when the good news arrives

Twenty days after posting, Shlok finds out that his doodle has made it into the top 20. He and his family were called to Delhi where the other finalists went. Shlok’s father, his Suman, adds: From there you can see that this guy is the winner of the Doodle contest. I didn’t see it at night. I was surprised to see Google’s homepage in the morning. Little did I know that Google would choose verse images from among his 115,000 talents. I thought it was amazing to be in the top 20. I was really shocked when I saw the final result. ”

Google with Dakis and Kankurgachi

A short poem from Google that won the competition is a Rs 5 lakh college scholarship, a technology package worth Rs 2 lakh (for his school or non-profit organization), a certificate, a trophy for accomplishing this feat, Google hardware I have received my device. And some fun Google. The way Google rewarded him gave Shlok the greatest joy. But Schrock recalled the top prize, saying, “The Google rep came in with a suitcase with a pack of 174 colors.”

Shlok Mukherjee Doodle For Google

A small verse makes a perfect melody on a guitar

Schlock’s mother is a professional astrologer. She also has great interests in Meditation, Ayurveda and Astronomy. Parmita Chatterjee said, “He is very mature for his age. I didn’t have to tell him to ‘sit down and read’.” , explained that it comes from the mother.

Shlok Mukherjee Doodle For Google

Principal of Kushite Art Mahara Shurok

Sonali Sen, Principal of Delhi Public Schools in Newtown, is very pleased with Shlok’s success. “From an early age, I already understood that his thoughts are very big. He thinks differently about everything, from robotics to Ayurveda. Good, he is very proud of our school as a whole, we are very happy and it is our responsibility to cherish this talent in his future.”


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He’s a very good painter, as recognized by Google itself. He has a penchant for supernatural subjects. He wants to make such a picture into a card and convey it to the people around him. Little Schrock hopes to participate in more competitions like this in the future. His dream is to become a scientist, guitarist and artist.

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