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Safer chats, more security with WhatsApp



WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging platform, offers Android and iOS users a lock feature to provide users with even tighter security. This allows the user to unlock the app using her fingerprint on her Android smartphone and Touch ID or Face ID on her iPhone. However, it was recently reported that the Meta-owned app is planning to bring this security feature to his WhatsApp Desktop.

WhatsApp brings powerful security features to desktop users

According to a report by WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, the instant messaging platform is currently working on a new feature that will help users set passwords to make the WhatsApp desktop app even more secure. As a result, using this feature on a PC or laptop will prevent access to the desktop version of the app without the user’s knowledge. So it goes without saying that this feature is especially useful for providing additional security to users. However, the WhatsApp desktop screen lock feature is currently in development and will be available to some beta testers soon.

Desktop users can use this feature if they want

Note that WhatsApp leaves the screen lock feature optional even for desktop users, just like its Android and iOS versions. . Additionally, if a user wants to change their password or somehow forgets it, Meta’s own app also offers the option to reset it. In this case, to reset the password, the user would have to log out of his WhatsApp desktop app, link the device to his QR code and log back in.

WhatsApp Releases Companion Mode for Android Beta

Separately, reports emerged recently that WhatsApp rolled out a companion mode for some Android beta testers. can be linked with any Android smartphone or tablet. The most noticeable advantage of this feature is that the user can access his WhatsApp on the tablet using the phone number of the current account. WhatsApp will reportedly allow users to connect up to four devices simultaneously.

To use the Companion feature, users can go to WhatsApp settings and select[リンクされたデバイス]must be tapped. The user has to connect the secondary device to her existing WhatsApp account using her auto-generated QR code. Then, just like WhatsApp desktop, all chat history and other data will be synced to the secondary device connected to the app. However, please note that companion mode is currently only available to some beta testers. If so, we can expect to see this feature soon in his WhatsApp stable version.

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