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Room heater without electricity: This cheap room heater works without electricity, heats up the room instantly in cold weather



Latest Room Heater: A great room heater has come for you, which does not require electricity to run. The heater heats the house instantly, which is also cheap and doesn’t allow you to spend a single penny on electricity.

New room heater from Greylife.

Room Heater News: Winter is just here, Suparna! The cold winter days in Konkan are not far away. The Meteorological Department says that this time it will be winter. will you handle it? Or use air conditioner to cool down in summer and take help of room heater in winter. Then you have an amazing room heater that doesn’t require electricity to run. The heater heats the house instantly, which is also cheap and does not allow a single rupee to be spent on electricity. This room heater regulates the temperature of your room as needed. A company named Greylife has brought such a heater. Let’s have a look at the complete information about that room heater.

Highly efficient room heater, no power consumption

Grelife 1500W PTC heater runs without electricity. This heater can be charged with solar power and heats the house in winters. You can use this heater in three modes. In which you can use High 1500w, Low 1000w and Eco mode. Moreover, this solar heater can maintain unique heat in the room without making any noise.

smart eco mode

By turning on the smart eco mode of this solar heater, you can automatically adjust the heat level, maintaining a real-time temperature. This indoor heater is portable which you can use in any other room as required.

Grelife 1500W PTC Heater Price

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The price of this solar heater is Rs.6,548. You can buy this room heater from e-commerce site Amazon, which will be delivered to your home for free.

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