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Piaggio Vespa GTV: best style features, most powerful Vespa scooter debuts



Italian luxury motorcycle brand Piaggio has unveiled one of its high-performance scooters at this year’s EICMA motorbike show. The name is Vespa GTV. The company’s most powerful Vespa to date. A perfect blend of retro classic and sporty design. Let’s take a closer look at the specs and features of the GTV.

Piaggio Vespa GTV Performance

According to Piaggio, the Vespa GTV has a 300cc HPE engine. Its output is 23.4 bhp. Its rated for his 2006 version he was 21.6 bhp. This engine features a single cylinder, four valve timing, liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection technology.

Piaggio Vespa GTV Styling

In terms of design, the Piaggio Vespa GTV is a fusion of vintage and modern styles. The scooter is available in a sensual opaque color with orange graphics. The front apron is orange. The handle is also black. There are also 5-spoke aluminum wheels, footpegs, rear grab rails and a single seat two-tone saddle.

Piaggio Vespa GTV Features

With practicality and convenience in mind, the GTV features a keyless system. So there is an ignition start button instead of the traditional key slot. A brand new LCD digital instrument cluster is also visible. Displays maximum and average speed, range, and battery charge status.

Once connected to your smartphone again, you will get call, message and music alerts. There is a USB port inside the storage. Once again, ASR Electronic Traction Control and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) are available on the Vespa GTV.

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