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Piaggio has launched an e-scooter that doesn’t look like an electric scooter with a range of around 100km on a single charge.



Italian company Piaggio has launched a new version of its 1 electric scooter series. The company made the announcement at his EICMA bike show in Milan, Italy. New models include his three electric scooters: Piaggio 1, Piaggio 1+ and Piaggio 1 Active. These new models have a range of around 90 km in eco mode. Again, the maximum speed is about 60km/h.

The Piaggio 1 and Piaggio 1 have a top speed of 45 km/h. The cruising range is about 50km and 90km respectively. The Piaggio 1 Active, on the other hand, is a traditionally designed battery scooter. It has a maximum speed of 60km/h. His three variations of the aforementioned Piaggio 1 were created with different types of customers in mind. Each model also has a removable battery.

In terms of design, the 2023 Piaggio 1 has a sleek look. These scooters are perfect for your daily commute on city roads. Again, we don’t see any lack of performance, even on hills. Maximum output is 3 kW.

The Piaggio 1 model has a strong frame without compromising safety. The Eid’s feature list includes a digital instrument panel, full LED lighting and keyless operation. There is a helmet-like storage under the seat.

The scooter is available in six color options: Grey, White, Black, Sunshine Mix, Arctic Mix and Flame Mix. His three color schemes for the latter are aimed at a younger generation with dual-tone themes. It has been released, but the price has not yet been announced.

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