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Password “Password” for millions!Check out the 10 weakest passwords and the most hacked passwords



In today’s digital age, everyone uses passwords for their phones, emails, social media, and internet banking to stay safe from ever-growing cyber fraud. However, experts always recommend using hard-to-guess passwords to prevent hackers from easily accessing your private information. But despite repeated warnings, at least according to a recent report from password management service NordPass, many users still haven’t heeded it. According to the report, many people still use very common codes like “123456” and “password” as security guards, which is of great concern. With the hacker game growing at an alarming rate all over the world, users can fall victim to cyberattacks whenever they use simple passwords. So it is imperative that everyone be aware of this.

Millions of users use the word “password” as their password

NordPass recently released its 2022 Most Common Passwords list (i.e., a list of the most commonly used passwords of the year). From this list, we know that about 3.5 million people in India currently use the word “password” as their password to sign up for various online services. The most surprising finding from Nordpass’s report is that over 75,000 Indians now use the word “BigBasket” as their password.

Low user awareness is pointed out all over the world

According to NordPass’ report, the 10 most common passwords used this year are 123456, BigBasket, password, 12345678, 123456789, pass@123, 1234567890, anmol123, abcd1234, and googledummy. All of these passwords are currently in use by thousands of users, the report said. Besides India, Nordpass conducted research in about 30 countries. Also, research conducted around the world reveals that guest, vip, 123456 and other very common passwords are currently being used as one of their security tools by many people around the world. became.

The report also states that no one is 100% safe online. Therefore, users should use passwords that cannot be easily guessed to protect themselves from hackers. But more often than not, users choose characters from very popular movies, names of foods, or some of the common codes above as passwords. As a result, hackers don’t need to speed up to break through security walls and get inside. So it is imperative that the user is aware of this.

How do you ensure security when choosing passwords and other measures?

  • As experts suggest, users should always use complex and large password sets that combine various letters, symbols, and numbers from the English alphabet. For example, a user can use a password like “@s1Q0 #+ Ga@os”. Although these types of passwords are very difficult to remember, they have become the norm these days when it comes to keeping a user’s private information safe.
  • Users must use different passwords for each account. Users often use the same password everywhere so that it is easy to remember, which is not good at all. Because this makes it much easier for a hacker to crack a user’s password and gain access to their account.
  • Users are required to use two-step verification on every account they create or sign up for. All services now offer this feature to their users. For those who don’t know, this feature allows users to set a secondary PIN that only they know. Note that well-known companies like Google prompt users to approve sign-ins in real time.
  • Everyone should change their passwords at least every three months to prevent hackers from gaining access to user passwords. As a result, the chances of a user’s personal information being lost or their account being hacked are greatly reduced.
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