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OnePlus could launch its first tab in the new year, ending a wait that began last year



Since mid-last year, speculation has been rife that OnePlus (OnePlus) may be bringing its first tablet to market. Over the past year and a half, multiple information about the device has also leaked online, sparking curiosity among OnePlus fans. At the time, one tech expert said the device’s market launch was delayed and he could see the screen removed as early as 2023. Now, four months later, his trusted tipster is repeating the same words.

OnePlus’ first tablet will launch early next year

In a recent tweet, tipper Max Jumbo revealed that OnePlus has been working on a tablet for quite some time. The device could debut on the market next year.but he’s more than that tab’s I didn’t disclose that.

However, a previous report revealed that OnePlus’ first tablet could hit the market called the OnePlus Pad. Reports also suggest that it could be a better version of the Oppo Pad. However, it is now believed that OnePlus may no longer be making the device. Otherwise the device should already be booted.

So the OnePlus tablet, which launches next year, i.e. 2023, is expected to be a brand new device. is not clear. Nonetheless, more information about the tablet is expected to emerge in the coming days.If OnePlus plans to launch it soon, more information about the device will be available through its certification site, firmware and renders. It will start leaking. OnePlus fans will have to wait and see.

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