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Ola, the first boy of electric scooters, will open 100 new showrooms in a month and a half in view of the skyrocketing demand.



India’s largest electric two-wheeler company Ola Electric is busy at the moment. first electric motorcycle They are working hard for the launch. Also there is pressure to deliver S1, S1 Pro, S1 Air. Another new project is about to join. In the context of the announcement, Ola Electric said that they are going to inaugurate 100 new showrooms in India in the next one and a half months. Company head Bhavish Agarwal confirmed the initiative in a tweet. As a result, buyers will get the advantage of buying an electric scooter from the front.

Bhavish, as always, launched the poll to collect feedback from Twitter users. It has been asked what kind of ‘experience centre’ or showroom customers would like to see from Ola. Fancy and large or very simple yet functional and in the right area? However, the number of votes in the second option is much higher.

“Opening 100 experience centers across India in the next 45 days,” he tweeted. They are expected to be inaugurated by this year. However, there is no definite message yet about the place of his development. A few days ago, Ola said that they will deliver scooter orders to customers anywhere in India within two to three days Distribution will give.”

Agarwal believes that these showrooms will give the common man a direct experience of the power of the company’s battery. In this context, he said, “While online shopping has been providing convenience to customers for a long time, this time the experience centers will add a new dimension to it.” Incidentally, Ola has already opened 20 dealerships in the country. At present, they are at the top in the country in terms of selling electric scooters. fast new again 1 lakh e-scooters Ola has set an example. as well as next year European market too They will launch scooters.

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