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Odysse opens huge electric scooter and bike showroom under one roof



The whole world is affected by the ominous signs of global warming. Same situation in India. All countries have already set “zero carbon emission targets” in various international discussions on environmental pollution. India has also pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 and fully cut by 2070. The Modi government is on the path of green mobility to make this decision a reality. Various EV policies are being proposed one after another. And based on that formula, various companies that manufacture electric vehicles have sprung up in Japan.

Odysse Electric Vehicles is one of the growing startups in the Prime Minister’s home state of Gujarat. They have already produced several electric scooters and India’s first electric sports bike. Now they have opened their largest showroom in Mumbai. This is the 4th outlet in the trading city.

A showroom in Kandivali, located in the western part of Mumbai, opened yesterday. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Minister of Industry of Maharashtra Uday Samant and other dignitaries including the founder of the organization. Spread over 2,300 square feet, the outlet spans two floors. The company has a full range of electric two-wheelers available to its customers.

Odysse currently owns three showrooms across India. We also have over 60 dealers. The company aims to increase the number of dealers to 100 by March 2023. His Nemin Vora, Chief Executive Officer of Odysse Electric, said: This is an important milestone as we aim to expand the company’s business over the next five years. ”

We are truly proud to open the largest electric motorcycle showroom in Mumbai City,” he added. With plans to launch several new products next year, such flagship stores will play a leading role in raising awareness about electric vehicles among consumers. ”

Odysse Electric’s portfolio includes a total of 8 electric scooters: E2go, E2go Lite, Hawk Lite, Hawk Plus, Racer, Racer Lite, V2 and V2+. They also have electric bikes – Evoqis. The company claims he has delivered 4,500 electric motorcycles to customers so far.

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