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New State Mobile November update released with new rules and more



New State Mobile released its November update today, and the developer has also released the official patch notes. Called New State Mobile 0.9.42, this new update will allow gamers to use his new DMR weapon called SL8. Additionally, it brought new BR rules and a new mode called Shooting Gallery. Please tell me more about them.

PUBG New State Mobile November Update v0.9.42

• SL8 Weapons

5.6mm Ammo (5.6mm Ammo) is used.

Gamers can attach various parts such as muzzles, scopes, magazines, and stock slots.

• New Battle Royale rules revealed

If you die before the end of Blue Zone Phase 2 in Solo or Squad Battle Royale mode, you can “spawn” on the battlefield without prompting your friends.

After Phase 3, the only way gamers can come back is with the Green Flare Gun.

Even if everyone dies, you can only return to the battlefield once before Phase 3.

• New shooting gallery game mode released

This is a training mode feature where gamers can score points by hitting as many targets as possible within 3 rounds of 1 minute.

Players get a bonus if they can hit two consecutive targets within 2 seconds.

A player’s ranking is determined by the highest score achieved. At the end of the season, you will be awarded based on your ranking.

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