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Net part-time job: Income from home by sharing photos of celebrities, strict response to ED



We all know there are many opportunities on social media. In that case, finding various monetization methods on such social media is nothing new. However, you should always be aware of these things, because popular apps like Facebook and WhatsApp are ubiquitous with bogus jobs and scam traps that, if you step on them, can wreak horrific disasters. However, if such fake cycles are found, the government will take very strong action. At that time, the news of such an incident jumped in again.

Suspicion of defrauding a large amount of money with a promise of a part-time job

The Enforcement Department (ED) recently froze 80 bank accounts for false promises of part-time jobs online. ED officials were investigating a scam dubbed the “Super Like Earning App”, according to a source at the organization. , ED was able to confiscate Rs 10 crore as the bank account was frozen.

Officials also said the ED filed money on March 3 last year based on FIRs filed against “Ms. It said it has launched an investigation into laundering. On January 13, police filed an indictment against her 50 defendants, including her two Chinese nationals, Shen Long and Himani, before her Principal City Civil and Sessions Judge’s court in Bangalore. submitted. The offices of payment gateways such as PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay and banks such as HDFC, ICICI and Dhanlakshmi under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) on behalf of Halfil’s organization. Carried out.

Money is in your pocket when you share celebrity photos and videos!

But how did the scammers extort money from the public by presenting false lures? I was instructed to do They told users that they could make a lot of money by sharing photos and videos of famous celebrities. money invest.

The most amazing thing is that the hackers were the first to help users make good money by sharing videos of celebrities, leaving no doubt in the minds of users. If you can make money very easily just by sharing photos and videos of famous celebrities, users will invest more money in this project in hopes of making more money in the future.

Unfortunately, the user did not get anything in return despite sharing tons of photos and videos afterwards. This made users suspicious and went to the police station to complain about the problem. We are doing an intensive investigation. According to a company spokesperson, the scammers took very little money from users but didn’t transfer anything in return, effectively throwing thousands of people into chaos. However, apart from arresting a red-handed suspect, the ED is now conducting an on-site investigation to rule the case out of the ground.

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