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Most popular passwords: people in 30 countries used their favorite brand names as passwords in 2021



Most commonly used passwords: The world’s most commonly used passwords for 2021 have been revealed. And that password is actually a popular company name. Guess what’s the name of that company? Ignorance? Then find out…

What is the brand name? iconic image.

Most Popular Passwords: Passwords that guarantee digital security. If you choose that password incorrectly, you’re in big trouble. From bank accounts to social media platform security, it raises a big question mark. Not only are there hackers lurking in your smartphone, but you’re also worried about your money disappearing. The world’s most used passwords of 2021 have been revealed. And that password is actually a popular company name. Guess what’s the name of that company? Ignorance? So, in 2021, at least 30 countries around the world arbitrarily stored the password “Samsung” for various online accounts. A recent study was conducted by his NordPass, a password management solutions company. According to a survey report, in 2021, many people around the world were using ‘Samsung’ as a password for various online accounts.

According to a SamMobile report, the trend of using smartphone/TV/appliance brand names as passwords has increased exponentially over the last few years. And no one can guess how bad this trend will be.

According to statistics, “Samsung” ranked 198th in password popularity in 2019. Since then, the 2020 ranking is 189. The most dangerous events occurred in 2021. Last year, “Samsung” ranked him 78th in password popularity. This puts a very common password into the top 100 most used passwords.

What are the most common passwords?

Currently, the most popular password in the world is “Password”. NordPass reports that at least 5 million people worldwide use “Password” as their password for their online accounts. Other common passwords include “123456”, “123456789”, and “Guest”.

The only exception to password selection is “Samsung”. Many online users choose this brand-based password.

How long does it take to hack a password?

Recent reports show that simple, easy-to-guess passwords can be cracked in less than a second, but combinations of numbers and lowercase and uppercase letters can be very dangerous. A 7-digit password containing all these elements can be cracked in about 7 seconds. It takes about 7 minutes to crack an 8-digit password at that location. Now I understand what decryption means. Time to hackers’ hands is getting shorter.

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Research firms have found that most commonly used passwords can be cracked in less than a second. Nordpass reports that the reason is that they are small, consist only of numbers or letters, and do not contain uppercase letters.

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