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Maruti and Tata take top honors in customer satisfaction.



Few people get the chance to buy a car more than once in their lifetime. Many people buy a Sade car and then spend the rest of their lives in it. So it’s not an exaggeration to compare the car-buying moment to a historic moment. And car companies are constantly striving to make this moment even more beautiful. Similarly, British car brand MG Motor takes the top spot with the highest customer service satisfaction rating for car purchases. This is what the JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index claims. In this case, the number obtained by the organization is he 881/1000.

The question is, what is this “JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index”? He is second to Toyota’s MG Motor with his 878 points. Hyundai is third. Their score is 872.

The JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index measures customer satisfaction based on six factors. These included the delivery process (20%), dealer facilities (18%), documentation work (17%), contract negotiations (15%), sales consultants (15%), and branded websites (14%). increase. JD Power reviewed these issues from June to September of this year.

In this regard, Sandeep Pandey, Head of Automated Practice India at NielsenIQ, said: “Seamless product selection helps customers feel more satisfied when they travel to our showroom to shop,” he adds.

By the way, MG Motor in the UK is currently focusing on digital showrooms. Vehicles sold in Japan are Hector, Hector Plus, Gloster, Aster and ZS EV. Based on SAIC-GM-Wuling, recently available on the international market Electric car The company has announced that it will bring it to the country. It will be available in the first quarter of 2023.

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