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Maruti Alto is set to launch 4 million electric vehicles in India today, with a range of 200km on a single charge.



Mumbai-based company PMV Electric will launch its first electric vehicle in the Indian market today. It debuts as the cheapest battery-powered four-wheeler in the country. It comes in a compact form factor for your daily commute. The company claims the vehicle belongs to a new segment called personal mobility vehicles (PMVs). It was named EaS-E. Perfect for your daily commute.

PMV Electric said the price of EaS-E vehicles will be between Tk 400,000 and Tk 50,000. A prototype version of the model has already been developed. Commercial production of this model is currently underway. The electric car is 2,915 mm long, 1,157 mm wide and 1,600 mm high. The wheelbase is 2,087mm and the minimum ground clearance is 170mm. The vehicle weight of the EaS-E is approximately 550 kg.

This PMV model has three different variations. The mileage on a full charge is 120-200km. Range varies by variant. A car battery is said to be fully charged in just four hours. The company will also supply his AC charger of 3 kilowatts.

Design-wise, the PMV EaS-E has rounded headlights in the front and comes with long LED light bars that span each side of the vehicle. The rear doors also have small LED lamps and a light bar that runs horizontally. The EaS-E model is likely to debut as a 4-door combination. It also has advanced features such as a digital infotainment system, USB charging ports, climate control, remote keyless entry, remote park assist and cruise control. Not all specifications for the car have been announced by the company, but they are subject to slight change.

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