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Main Reasons Why BGMI Is Banned In India



The very popular smartphone game Battlegrounds Mobile India has been banned in India, and both Google and Apple have taken it off of their app stores. In this article, you will know the Main Reasons Why BGMI Is Banned In India. Even so, if you already have the game on your phone, you will still be able to play it until the government orders the game’s developer, Krafton, to shut it down completely.

 Main Reasons Why BGMI Is Banned In India

Main Reasons Why BGMI Is Banned In India:

  • The case where a child is said to have killed his mother because of a game
Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, brought up reports that a child killed his mother “under the influence of PUBG.”  Even though PUBG Mobile has already been banned in India, he said in Rajya Sabha that it is worrying that banned apps are showing up with new names. He also said that games like these had been sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs to be reviewed.
  • BGMI is just a different name for the banned game PUBG Mobile.
The Indian government banned PUBG Mobile on September 2, 2020. Within ten months, Krafton changed the name of the game to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). BGMI is the biggest of the Chinese apps that have been relaunched with the same features but under a different name to avoid scrutiny.
BGMI says that it has fixed the problems the government had with PUBG Mobile, but some people say that not much has changed and that PUBG Mobile has just changed its name to BGMI in India. An NGO called Prahar asked the government earlier in February 2022 to block the Chinese gaming app BGMI-PUBG and add it to the list of 54 Chinese apps that were banned on February 14, 2022. They said that its absence from the list was a “clear mistake” on the part of the government.
  • For Cool Staff  in-app purchases and children getting addicted
You’ve probably seen news stories about kids who bought things in online games without telling their parents and spent a lot of money.
Even though BGMI has already put a limit of Rs 7,000 on what can be bought in the game, parents worry about their kids spending money on online games. Also, kids have started betting money on how they do on BGMI and other games, which is another problem that has come to light.
Even though most of the bets are small, it’s hard to deny that school-aged kids are getting hooked on Cool Staff.  Parents have been complaining about PUBG Mobile and other games like it for a while now. They say that these mobile games are a huge distraction and that kids get hooked on them, which hurts their schoolwork and career.

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