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List of Games for Xbox Game Pass in July



List of Games for Xbox Game Pass in July

Microsoft is going to announce some new games in the game pass for Xbox and PC. In this article, you know about the List of Games for Xbox Game Pass in July.

Xbox Game Pass in July

List of Games for Xbox Game Pass in July

  • DJMAX Perspective V (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – launched on July 7

In DJMAX Perspective V, you will find numerous tracks by famous specialists like Marshmallow, Porter Robinson, and Yucca. There is likewise an elite full HD music video, online multiplayer, another game mode, and substantially happier.

  • Matchpoint: Tennis Championships (cloud, consoles, and PCs) – launched on July 7

According to the developers, the Tennis Championship is the modern version of tennis, which has a deep career mode and a unique rivalry system. A number of changes are being made regarding tactical realism, positioning, and timing. It is going to be available from day one in Game Pass.

  • Road 96 (Cloud, Consoles, and PCs) – launched on July 7

This game will take you on a road trip, where you will face multiple scary situations. There, just as you can discover stories and secrets, you will also face new characters.

  • Escape Academy (Console & PC) to launch ID@Xbox – on July 14

Escape Academy is a school where students will struggle to become ultimate escapists. And you are one of them. The game is going to offer a dozen hand-crafted rooms, which have been designed by experts. This title is available from day one in Game Pass.

  • My Friend Peppa Pig (Cloud, Console, and PC) – to launch on July 14

This game will take you to the thrill of Peppa Pig, where you can engage yourself through multiple activities. Peppa will give you suggestions for various activities there. Whether it’s a museum or a potato city – that suggestion will come everywhere.

  • Overhaul (PC) to launch ID@Xbox – July 14

“Overhaul is an action horror-world platform, where the enemy will get special powers but you don’t get it as a gamer. You will see five unique bosses. If you can beat them, their power will be distributed within you. But your job will become more difficult here.

  • Po Patrol the Movie: Adventure City Calls (Cloud, Consoles, and PCs) – to launch on July 14

According to a post by Xbox Wire, “Ryder and the Po Patrol Learn where Mayor Humdinger will cause tensions within the Metropolis.” They have to take part in this race to save Adventure City from selfie skimming. ”

  • Powerwash simulators (cloud, consoles, and PCs) – to launch on July 14

In the powerwash simulator, you can relax a lot. The judging sound of high-pressure water washing dust and grime will take away your mind. It is also available from day one in Game Pass.

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