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Let’s revive orkut.Netizens appeal to Google amid Twitter frenzy



Why orkut is trending on Twitter: Orkut, the only popular social media platform, was once owned by Google. A Damador episode is ongoing on Twitter, but Twitter users are demanding that the old social media platform be brought back to life.

Google returns orkut with Twitter’s Damador? Iconic image.

Remember orkut? Even if you don’t have it, Twitter users do. Orkut, once the only popular social media platform, was owned by Google. Twitter users are demanding that the old social media platform be revived while the Damador episode continues on Twitter. orkut was founded in January 2004 by a person named orkut Byukot. But then multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even his WhatsApp joined numerous apps, and Orkut’s popularity began to decline. Google shut down orkut in 2014.

The past few days have seen no end to the controversy on Twitter, with many finding jobs on this microblogging site owned by Elon Musk. The latest update shut down Twitter’s headquarters, prompting mass resignations. The hashtag #RIPTwitter has been trending on Twitter since morning. Users filled walls with greeting emojis and goodbye messages. Elon Musk gave “extreme” conditions for working conditions last Thursday. As a result, there are many people leaving their jobs. Even some engineers at that company quit their jobs during that time. This led to the closure of Twitter offices around the world from Friday morning.

Meanwhile, orkut has been trending on Twitter since this morning. A user requested his google to bring back orkut. A Twitter user of his named Ninad wrote: Alienating users will eventually move them to newer and better options. Think Myspace, Orkut, Tumblr (weird revival), Snapchat, Facebook (used only by certain demographics). “

The page Rants and Roasts says: can you come “Google please bring back Orkut, my first social media platform,” writes Devang Gupta. Reopening Twitter, some were surprised to see his RIPTwitter trending his hashtag alongside orkut. Photo of Meme Govinda chip writing, ‘What is this doing here!’ ‘Thanks to orkut she fell in love in 2008. I have.”

You have to work long hours and either stick around or quit until the project is finished. After Elon Musk issued such an ultimatum, the anger of Twitter workers seems to have started to subside. However, Reuters reports that Elon Musk met with some of the company’s employees to convince them not to quit their jobs. increase. So far, however, it’s unclear how many people left Twitter and how many remained.