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Launch of affordable Komaki Flora scooter with state-of-the-art fire protection system



Komaki, one of India’s leading electric two-wheeler brands, has launched a new electric scooter. Her name is Flora. The battery powered two wheeler is priced at Rs 78,999 (showroom sales). It uses an ultra-modern heat-resistant Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) battery. According to the company, this is his eighth e-scooter.

The new Komaki Flora’s battery can be conveniently opened and charged by the user anywhere. In this connection, the company said it has increased protection several times by using LPF technology in its battery. “The iron-containing cells and flame-retardant properties keep the LiFePO4 battery safe from fire even in the worst conditions,” Komaki said in a press release.

The new Komaki Flora features comfortable seats with self-diagnostic gauges, extra backrest, parking and cruise control and trunk space. This scooter can travel 100 km on a full charge. For added protection, the scooter’s front wheels are equipped with 270×35 mm disc brakes.

The newly launched scooter is available in four color options: Jet Black, Garnet Red, Steel Gray and Sacramento Green. By the way, according to Komaki, the company has already established its presence in the market by producing electric vehicles. Low maintenance cost and long service life.

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