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Jeevan Pramaan Patra: Learn How to Submit Your Digital Life Certificate ‘In-Person’ with the App, Just 6 Days in Hands



Jeevan Pramaan Face App: Face recognition has been launched to simplify the digital life certificate submission process for seniors and super-elderly. In other words, a digital life certificate can be submitted by verifying it with a face photo. Learn how.

How do I submit my Digital Life Certificate in person? Decoration: Abhijit Biswas.

Digital Life Certificate: Pensioners can now obtain a digital life certificate from the ‘Jeevan Pramand’ web portal or mobile application.However, the problem that arises before digital life certificate what? This is actually a digital certificate containing various biometric and physical information of the pensioner with the Aadhaar card. This Digital Life Certificate is issued to pensioners under the IT Act of the Government of India. In Sahaj Bengali, this is the pensioner’s proof of survival, based on which the elderly receive pension benefits.

Pensioners must submit this much-needed certificate every November. The deadline for submitting this Digital Life Certificate is fast approaching. Those over 80 can submit in October. This valid Pension Withdrawal Certificate can be submitted by November 30th. So there are only 6 days left. In other words, the work should be completed as soon as possible. Before that, you should familiarize yourself with all the processes. However, her Nov. 30 deadline does not apply to all pensioners. This deadline does not apply to persons receiving pensions from employee provident fund organizations under the 1995 Employees’ Pension Plan.

There are several ways to submit your digital life certificate. But in today’s digital age, there’s nothing easier than downloading something from a mobile app or portal in one fell swoop. Until now, pensioners had to submit a digital life certificate through a biometric-based portal. But it’s not so dangerous. In biometric authentication, there are many cases where the fingerprints of elderly people do not match.

Therefore, facial recognition was introduced to simplify the process of submitting electronic life certificates for the elderly and super-elderly. In other words, a digital life certificate can be submitted by verifying it with a face photo. The Center is also working hard to promote it. According to media reports, the Central Pensioners and Pensioners Welfare Department, with the support of the State Bank of India and the Punjab National Bank, is organizing training camps in various states. According to sources, the first camp he held on Wednesday 23rd November at Siranpur. Many pensioners have learned facial recognition methods and submitted lifetime certificates.

How to submit a digital life certificate by face recognition

* First, you need to access the Google Play Store.

* You have to go there and download the Aadhaar Face RD app.

* There you will find a download link for the Life Proof Face app.

* Click that link to go to

* Provide your email ID.

* You will see the OTP there. Enter the correct location and download the app.

* Aadhaar, email id and phone number must be provided for one-time operator authentication.

* Now scan face photo with Aadhaar number.

* Pensioner identity verification procedure is completed.

* A certification ID and a digital certificate are generated.

* Download the certificate by clicking the link sent to your mobile via SMS.

* Provide your 10-digit Proof ID and Captcha Code.

* Finally, the task is to download a life certificate with the pensioner’s photo, date and other information.

What does it cost?

* First, you need an Android smartphone.

* The phone should have at least 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.

* 500MB of free storage is very important.

* Internet connection required.

* The Aadhar number must be registered with a bank, post office or other institution where the senior has a pension account.

Aspects that require special attention

* Pensioners can only download their own life certificate.

* The same number must also be registered with Aadhaar and PPO.

* When taking pictures, you should make sure there is enough light around you.

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* Apart from this, you should pay special attention to blinking 2-3 times when taking pictures.